Christchurch firm gets Dunedin water contract

Christchurch-based company City Care has been awarded the tender to maintain Dunedin's water and wastewater network, in a decision that affects 30 Dunedin City Council staff.

The tender, worth $4.6 million a year, was awarded to the Christchurch City Council-owned company last week, DCC Group Manager Water and Waste Laura McElhone said.

Commencement date for the contract, which is expected to deliver annual savings of at least $350,000, is February 28 next year.

The contract had an eight-year term, provided that contract performance measures were met, because that provided better value, Dr McElhone said.

"We are confident City Care will deliver a step change improvement in service levels, while delivering considerable savings to ratepayers and improving our understanding of our assets so we can plan better for the future."

Thirty DCC staff would be affected, she said. Any that transferred to City Care would do so on their existing terms and conditions of employment under a collective agreement.

It was not yet known if there would be redundancies, and the DCC was continuing to work constructively with the unions. The jobs to be transferred would remain in Dunedin, as City Care would be setting up a depot in the city.

City Care employees will carry out the maintenance work on the water and wastewater network, such as turning up to fix a burst water main or a blocked sewer.

Tim Gibson, City Care's General Manager National Maintenance, said the company was looking forward to working with the DCC and to establishing a presence in the region.

So maybe....

Now that we have bitten the bullet and admitted that outsiders can run our council departments/businesses better than the council can do it themselves, how long before we bring in professionals to run the stadium?

I don't get it

Why would our council give a contract away to another city when we so desparately need business to grow here?

I do not get this line of thinking. Surely are others that could handle this in this town other than Delta? 

Seen that one coming.

And Delta? Why are their costs so high? Perhaps Citycare hasn't been buying up "investment" properties in Central Otago nor paying their CEO mega bucks. Another inevitable result of the incredible DCHL shambles which goes without any form of accountability.

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