Council rejects bar's bid

The first Dunedin bar to apply for a special licence to open beyond new national default trading hours has failed in its bid.

Dollar Brand Ltd, which runs The Break bar in Great King St, applied to the Dunedin City Council for a special licence to stay open until 5am on January 1. It said it was because it was going to run a New Year's Eve party for hospitality workers.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, which came into force on December 18, sets national trading hours that state all on-licensed premises must be closed by 4am unless a local authority has an alternative policy.

The application was heard by a panel comprising Crs Andrew Noone, Kate Wilson and David-Benson Pope, on Monday. The panel declined the application, saying the Act did not allow the extension of hours beyond 4am.

''The applicant talked a lot about educating the public about new closing times, but is willing to dilute this process by hosting an event until 5am,'' the panel said.

It also said it found no suitable justification for an event, nor that there actually was an event.

Not impossible, just pointless

These days, that $10.00 jug of beer likely results in  a $20.00-$30.00 cab ride home (unless you wish to take the risk) and then having to organise picking up the car later, or a ride in, in the first instance. Just not worth the effort for one jug.

When you take into account entry fees to bars, food, cigarettes and cab fares, its not hard to come home $200.00 lighter, and as a seasoned drinker, not be blind drunk.

In the 70s and 80s i would be out 3 nights a week. In the 90s and 00s that reduced to 1 night. Now days, being retired and on limited income, i seldom go to town to drink, but if i do, i make it a good one, just like many others do. 

Really? No fix?

speedfreak43: So are you saying that you consider it is impossible to go out for an enjoyable evening by drinking one jug of beer? Are you saying that you consider an enjoyable evening is to spend $200 bucks booze and become blind drunk? 

It's simple economics

I have just purchased a ten pack of Jim Beam and cola from the bottle store for $27.00. Last time I purchased one at a bar (about 3 years ago), one cost $7.50 and likely would be more by now.

There are only 2 types of drinkers that don't preload these days and they are those that intend to drink little and those to whom money is no problem. For the majority in between, pre loading is a necessity as many could not afford to go out otherwise.

And even after pre loading and getting in to town at midnight, its still not hard to blow  another 150-200 bucks by daybreak for a seasoned drinker.

Sadly, there is no fix. You either preload and go to town or you drink at home and stay at home. 


Again you are wrong!!! Being in the industry I can tell you how it is. Bars do not get things at rediculously cheap prices and even if they did, the Dunedin city council places many restrictions on what they can sell and for how much. There are a number of things that bars cannot advertise and promote and they are threatened with closure and licensing restrictions and cancellation of licences if they do not adhere to the restrictions.20 years ago things may have been different, that is not the case today. But atleast you know now!! Anything else you have no idea about, I am more than happy to explain :)

Cheap booze! Where?

The problem of pre loading of alcohol by people before going to booze barns has been created by bar owners them very selves by charging over the top exorbitant prices for alcohol that they (the bar owners) purchase at much lower prices than off licenses.

Again I say alcoholic drinks are not cheap anywhere in NZ By saying this I am not comparing or referring NZ prices to overseas prices and have no idea or how mikeeel or any other readers got that impression.

If the cost price that booze bars purchase their liquor for was realised by the consumer especially the "bar" drinker they would be well and truly shocked.

Believe me, I know, I owned pubs/bars during their heydays for over twenty years!


The price of booze in other countries is completely irrelevant to what I am saying. The fact is that it is incredibly cheap when you compare supermarkets to pubs due to the over the top restrictions on bars price wise thus causing the problem of pre loading which I am referring to, not your views on the world price!!!

Cheap booze, where?

Could mikeeel please enlighten readers and myself of where this "cheap booze" can be purchased?

To tell the honest truth I find the price of alcohol in NZ to be over priced and extremely high!


Bars not the problem

As usual the law makers got it wrong. Instead of placing crippling restrictions on bars, how about addressing the real issue of pre loading and the availability of cheap liquor in off licences. It is ridiculous that supermarkets can even sell booze let alone doing so until midnight. If they had reduced opening hours for off licenses and placed price restrictions on the supermarkets who continue to laugh in the face of the law to make a profit, there would not be the massive problem of pre loading at home that we currently have. Once again the "easy" option has been taken without any thought on what the real issues are.

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