Dog attacked with hedge clippers

A Green Island man man used a pair of hedge clippers to attack his dog because he was angry the animal had urinated on a mat in the kitchen.

Jason Karl Blackler (44), painter, had been drinking alcohol with his partner at their Green Island home when the dog wet the mat and Blackler became enraged, the Dunedin District Court heard yesterday.

He picked up a pair of hedge clippers from the garage, calling for the dog which was by then cowering under the deck. He chased the animal down the driveway, trapping it against the fence then began chopping and stabbing at it, injuring the dog's upper chest and shoulder area.

When Blackler's partner screamed at him to leave the dog alone, he sat down in the garage and rolled a cigarette. And when his partner said he had ''really hurt the dog'', Blackler replied ''Should I get an axe and chop off his head and finish him?''prosecutor Sergeant Chris George told the court.

The police arrived and found the defendant and his partner inside the garage arguing. When the officers opened the garage door, a mastiff cross dog came at them, growling and snarling and headed directly towards the police dog.

Police sprayed the dog to get it under control and Blackler came out of the garage swearing and yelling. He was aggressive and confrontational, ordering the officers from the property. He ignored instructions to calm down or he would be sprayed and continued to advance on police who pepper-sprayed and arrested him.

The animal sustained life-threatening injuries, which included a large laceration to its shoulder and two to three puncture wounds to the chest. Blackler admitted obstructing police and wilfully ill-treating the dog so as to cause it serious injury and prolonged suffering.

He was remanded for sentence on February 20 and Judge Dominic Flatley refused to grant him bail.

The judge said the incident was ''a violent, disgusting attack'' on an animal - ''your dog''. Given hurting animals could indicate psychological difficulties, he was ''unsure what's going on here'' and said he was not prepared to grant bail.

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