Best of YouTube: Working port a thing of beauty

Watching this timelapse of four hours in the working life of Port Chalmers is like being a kid again and staring in wonder at an enormous train-set.

The container loading's cool enough but then there's the part at about 1min 20secs where the cruise ship pulls a smooth 180deg turn and backs smoothly into its dock as the sun comes up. Wow.

Creator Riley Baker tells us: "The time lapse was about 4 hours long and about 2,500 frames shot on a Canon 6D and 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I used a wireless shutter release that had a time lapse mode.

"It was shot from the viewing platform at the little lookout and monument above Port Chalmers. About a litre of coffee was consumed during this process."

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If you missed the Chinese New Year fireworks, here they are

And if you missed a very busy day for trains at Dunedin Railway Station, never fear

This guy can really play them buckets.

The Clean, at Chicks Hotel, playing Point That Thing with Peter Gutteridge making a special appearance. Say no more.

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Port Otago

Just to show how frustrating dealing with Port Otago can be. 

It took them two years to shade one light (legally they have to shade their lighting from our living spaces) and then when they found out our community was not going forward to the Environment Committee they stopped the working committee with our community.

Yes we are in favour of a vibrant port but they must be good corporate nieghbours so each can live in relative harmony.

thank you Lynden 


In that case I agree with you, a company which instigates a new activity should engage and mitigate new problems it causes .As I am not aware of the particulars involved here and only have your side of the story (no offence intended), it sounds like you have reason to be upset as there are lots of ways to migate sound.

There's no doubt the port is for the greater good, but with the amounts of money that flow through the coffers of the port , doing something akin to sound proofing the relatively few homes affected  (especially if as you say it only nighttime in which in most cases i would guess doing the bedrooms would be sufficent)  let alone other methods should be quite within their ability. Especially for long term harmony with its neighbours

In summary a new activity or business should only be able to setup as long as it has taken all available actions to mitigate any adverse effects on its current neighbourhood. Flip side a person moving into a neighbourhood must acknowledge and accept what currently happens there.

Moving not an option

Typical olde worlde servant type attitude from speedfreak43 At all costs put up or shut up. I  love where I live, but you obviously are missing my point of compromise.


Port is there to stay

Just move elsewhere if you find it unacceptable. The port is there to stay.

Full story

I bought my house before Boiler Point was made into a berth so let's not keep going over old ground, and I bought after reading the District Plan Section 11 (cant remember the paragraph) that says DCC would take care of our neighbourhood should the port activity get too invasive. Noise within daytime hours is not a problem- noise between 11pm  and 7 a.m. is a problem.  Especially when hush technology is available to help minimise the source of the noise.

Tearing up other peoples houses and presenting them with contracts that give Port Otago ownership of houses is not what the Environment Court had in mind when it suggested that the City and Port Otago set up a Noise Liason Committee to work out ways to diminish said noise. At no stage does that committee examine other forms of technology to help minimise the noise.  The port does not compromise yet they come into our community and force their business on us.  We accept the need for a vibrant shipping business but we also want them to be cogniscent of their neighbours. 

There is a need for compromise, but so far the residents are making all the compromise.

There is always a price to pay when doing business.  Pollution comes in many forms - night sky loss/noise over and above the WHO formulas.  The ORC are the owners of this port which means the region (we the people) the environment court has a mandate the DCC accepts they should protect some of the special character areas of our region but still Port Otago gets to be the "independent monitors" of their own pollution. Should I go on?  [Abridged]

Noise and neighbours

Mangosaurus, I couldn't agree more about "People who knowingly move into an area where there is a potential noise maker close ... then they start complaining to the point where that 'noise maker' has to reduce noise, hours/days of operation and so on." 

And then there's the exact opposite, such as where DCC staff gave a property owner's neighbour (in a residential zone) ‘non-notified consent’  for a completely inappropriate noisy activity that is not only destroying him; but has totally destroyed the value of his property. What's more, the activity next door has made his property unsaleable.

I cannot understand how permission to alter what is allowed on a property can include permission to make noise that severely affects the health of neighbours, destroying their quality of life and the value of their main asset, their home.  This is the flip side of the unreasonable persecution of existing noise-makers such as  Arc Cafe, and Mangosaurus's example racetracks, when new people move into the neighbourhood who should not have the right to ruin existing enterprises.

Took the words out of my mouth

Was going to say something similar Lynden.

People who knowingly move into an area where there is a potential noise maker close by really infuriate me, as then they start complaining to the point where that 'noise maker' has to reduce noise, hours/days of operation and so on.

I'm mainly referring to people who move next to racetracks and then ruin it for motorsports fans by forcing the council etc to take action and get the days of operation reduced for that track. Levels in Timaru is a very good example, and Western Springs Speedway in Auckland.

A clause should be needed to sign when people move into such areas, stating that they are well aware of the noise and will not complain about it. Plenty more places in NZ to live... 


I would also like to know, because while I can feel for people affected by something that has come along and interrupted their lifestyles (whether it be noise , scenic or other), I have absolutely no sympathy for people who move into an area with an existing business or venue etc, then complain about it. For example, not one of the people complaining about Western Springs Speedway lived there longer then the speedway, hence they brought their homes knowing it was there.
A port is a noisy enterprise that has to work to the container ships timelines (it costs a lot of money to have a ship tied up and waiting). If the port forced them to wait the shipping lines would simply move to another port and we would lose one of the two biggest industry's in the town, and all the downstream jobs it creates.
So if you lived there prior to it being a working port then I feel sympathy for you. If you moved in beside it either move or stop complaining. [Abridged]


Who was there first?

Kris: Before passing judgement I am just trying to find out whether you moved in next to the noisy port or whether the noisy port moved in next to you.

Missing your point

sv3nn0: Why does that make a difference?

I'm missing your point. Please elaborate.

Port Chalmers

Considering the container terminal has been active since the late 70's and its been a port even longer, a little noise is to be expected

Always one

It's a working container port, which also doubles as a port of call for cruise ships. When people live down here you expect noise. Would you complain about the noise of the break coming from Aromoana? I find the port noise quite soothing.


How long had you been living there before the port was built, Kris?


Pity they didn't put the actual port noise with their movie. 

There is no beauty in their noise at 2am.

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