Cannabis found growing in the gorse

A detective at the scene of a cannabis patch uncovered in the Dunedin area in recent weeks. Photo by the New Zealand Police.
A detective at the scene of a cannabis patch uncovered in the Dunedin area in recent weeks. Photo by the New Zealand Police.
Cannanbis with a potential street value of a quarter of a million dollars has been stumbled upon by outdoor enthusiasts in and near Dunedin.

Police are asking residents to ''keep an eye out'' for bright green cannabis plants or suspicious behaviour as the end of the outdoor growing season nears.

In recent weeks, police removed ''small but high quality'' plants from Otakou (36 plants), Northeast Valley (40) and Berwick (22), Detective Hamish Barrons, of the Southern district organised crime squad, said.

In each case, the plants were being grown on private land surrounded by gorse, and were discovered by outdoor enthusiasts.

No arrests were made, and the plants were destroyed.

A quality plant could net about $2500, meaning the operation led to the removal of cannabis plants potentially worth up to $245,000.

Cannabis could grow up to 2m tall and its bright green meant plants stood out among gorse, Det Barrons said.

Plants tended to be grown in semi-rural areas, and harvested in April.

''It doesn't take a lot of science to grow weed.''

He urged anyone who had spotted cannabis plants or suspicious activity to contact police. Useful information includes a description of the location, date and time when plants are spotted, and the registration of any vehicle seen.

If you have information, phone Det Barrons on (03) 471-5032, or provide information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555-111.

Drug enforcement hypocrisy

If, as Det. Barrons says, "it doesn't take a lot of science to grow weed" then why is each plant worth $2500? It is because the Government created an artificial market by the unjust prohibition of this most useful plant. For 40 years, they have used our taxes to pay for expensive search and destroy missions, questionable undercover operations, and officially sanctioned discrimination against harmless gardeners and consumers.

When the Christchurch earthquakes stopped the supply of Marmite you would have thought some people's throats had been cut. The media made a huge song and dance about the going-price of a scarce and thus precious jar.  Cannabis is effective medicine for a wide range of debilitating conditions. What happens when the police seize cannabis plants? No one talks about the misery it causes when people, who are already paying too much for a plant that is easy to grow, can't get their medicine. 

The mainstream media have been responsible for keeping the truth about cannabis largely hidden, but, thankfully, the internet is changing that. World wide public opinion is swinging firmly in favour of legalisation, only the politicians are lagging behind.  Given that over 560,000 NZers admitted using cannabis, in a recent poll, and they are becoming better organized, this election could be even more interesting as more people find out the truth about "the weed" and decide to use their vote to force change. [Abridged]



Too right

Of course we should legalise it. Banning it just drives up the price. Doesnt stop anyone from using it.

Time to legalise it

Legalise it so that Police have better things to do with their time.

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