Mumford and Sons top stadium wish-list

Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons.  (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)
Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Otago Daily Times columnist - and music nut - Dave Cannan has been giving a lot of thought to which act he would most like to see at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

He's made a list and would love your feedback (see below)

I'm sure fellow music fans will have been heartened to read the encouraging words of new stadium chief executive Terry Davies in last Friday's ODT, about his determination to attract a world-class act to Dunedin for a concert.

But, in case you missed it, here's one of his quotes: "I'm talking about a performer, or an act, that will sell out within three hours. It's an international act.''

And then he went a bit coy (no doubt for commercially-sensitive reasons) and wouldn't go into more detail, except to say the act would be bigger than Elton John's sellout show in 2011. Intriguing. And tantalising.

Well, on behalf of us star-starved fans, who are ready for some musical action (as memories of Paul Simon, Aerosmith and the Hollies fade into the mists of time), I thought The Wash and its readers might like to help Mr Davies out.

Why don't we compile a list of acts we'd most like to see at Forsyth Barr Stadium? Probably the only thing limiting Mr Davies' choice is money - but the only thing limiting us is our imaginations!

So, with that in mind, I'll kick off this readers' poll by stating the group I'd most love to see live at the stadium is . . . wait for it
. . . Mumford and Sons, the English quartet who played in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in November 2012, when I just happened to be in England. Talk about great timing!

But, that's just a personal choice. I'm sure there are many other favourites. 

Here's a list of possibilities (yes, a very optimistic list, I admit) for you to vote on, plus a "your choice'' option as well:

A _ Mumford and Sons.
B _ The Rolling Stones.
C _ Bruce Springsteen.
D _ U2.
E _ Pearl Jam.
F _ Fleetwood Mac.
G _ The Eagles.
H _ AC/DC.
I _ Guns N'Roses
J _ (State your choice)

Send your votes or other suggestions to, or ring 479-3519, before 4pm tomorrow and we'll announce the acts most in demand in Wednesday's Wash column.


Its Me: I have been to concerts at FBS but more importantly I have been to concerts elsewhere. In comparison to other large venues in NZ FSB is a poor concert venue mainly because the plastic roof and zoo wall needs baffling to reduce excessive reverberation.

The Town Hall is a good venue for a wide variety of acts but is limited to approx 3500.

Mumford and Sons

Who are Mumford and Sons?

Whom I would most like to see at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Garth Brooks would be a real treat. Still one of the hottest country acts around. If I could get my eye teeth back I would give them to see Garth.

Suitable venue?

Overit - You say Dunedin does not have suitable venues for concerts. I am confused. You must have never seen a concert at FBS. I saw Elton John which had great sound quality where I was sitting, Paul Simon was perfect sound and way better than many outdoor concerts I have been to. I accept Aerosmith was poor quality but that was because it was too loud and the top tiers were unsuitable and should not have been used (they should have gone further back low level only). A great venue with many added benefits compared with most NZ venues especially being inside.

An apology to stevepf and the writer

I am sorry stevepf is offended by the comments of a few of us.

I would love to attend an A list concert at a suitable venue in Dunedin. I would love to have RHCP or  RATM play. NIN or QOTSA. Pearl Jam. A big day in that featured a heap of recent rock groups.

No lame pop.

But we do not have a suitable venue despite the claims otherwise. Sadly my concert money will have to be spent in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. 

disgusting behaviour

Do you all realise how petty, immature and unprofessional you all sound. This piece was asking what you would like to see, not a chance for you to mock the stadium, the journalist and everyone else that has opinions on who they would like to see. The disgusting thing is that you wouldnt behave like this in person but becuase you can hide behind your pseudo name its ok to have a go. Grow up, didn't your mother teach you how to conduct yourself despite differing opinions.

Dang it, Fernfrond

You win the funniest comment of the day. My sides are still hurtin :)

And thanks Juju, how could I forget R.A.T.M. There's a great clip on Youtube to one of their songs. Search 101st Airborne Kandahar. It's a must see for any Rage fan. 


Michael Jackson. Elvis. John Lennon.

Damn, they are all dead. Mind you, so is the stadium as a concert venue. 


J.  Rage Against The Machine

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams


Taylor Swift

But in reality...

Based on the stadium's record of hosting concerts I would expect to see something akin to the following:

1) A selection of jumping horses backed by former councillor Bill Acklin on keyboards

2) A solo operatic performance to an empty stadium by former mayor Chin, backed by Bill Acklin on keyboards.

3) A selection of choice winter olympic events and a Papal visit as suggested by stadium prime-movers the CST

4) A 'You were right party' for Bev Butler and all the thoughtful insightful people who predicted it would come to pass thus, as it duly has.

5) A hang you head in shame party for the instigators, the deniers, and the hopeless optimists. (I doubt there will be many people at your party) 

A couple of thousand tickets

Mumford and sons, really, I couldn't name two of their songs and doubt many could. Might be better ambiance at the town hall or regent. As for the others, the Rolling Stones will be playing elsewhere in NZ so there wouldn't be a sell out or bring money into the region. Guns and Roses aren't the same with their current line up, AC/DC won't play in venues that hold less than 50 thousand. Pearl Jam and U2 maybe but they have played here recently and the ratepayer will still end up paying. Good luck, we tried to tell them but they didn't listen!

Maate, you're dreamin

Are you forgetting big acts can't land all their gear here due to the short runway and the sound quality at FBS sucks?

Or are you suggesting that ratepayers will subsidise, trucking gear from Christchurch,  too? 

But for the record

Arctic Monkeys, The Pretty Reckless, Linkin Park, Ozzy Osbourne/Sabbeth, GNR, Nickleback, Devilskin, Disturbed, Muse, Rob Zombie to name but a few.

Sadly, we all know how bad a rock band will sound there. 


Here are my picks

I totally agree with almost all of your list. Here are some thoughts ...

- The Killers

- Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk (would be great to see a totally different dance style act)

- Billy Joel

- Beyonce/Lady Gaga/Rihanna. (Some pop megastars that are worth seeing for the stage show alone)


- Robbie Williams  

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