Police warning after drivers come to grief in wet

Police have issued a warning after Dunedin drivers came to grief on wet roads at the weekend.

Southern district command centre deployment co-ordinator Senior Sergeant Brian Benn, of Dunedin, said several cars slipped on the wet roads.

And police warned that, with autumn well under way and the ensuing approach of winter, driving conditions - including the available light, visibility and road surfaces - could change rapidly.

Such conditions could change ''from nice to pretty average'' at any stage throughout the day.

Drivers needed to be ''very wary of the road conditions'' and also to be alert to ''any changes'', police said.

As seasonal driving conditions continued to become more challenging, even ''momentary inattention'' could have ''dire consequences'', police said.

Snr Sgt Benn said motorists needed to drive to the conditions.

In addition to the accidents on Saturday pictured above, a Toyota collided with the back right-hand side of a bus that was stopped in South Rd letting off passengers.

A St John spokesman said a man in the Toyota was transported to Dunedin Hospital with minor injuries.

No-one was hurt when a driver, in his late 30s, was affected by a ''medical issue'' and his car collided with two parked cars in Thoreau St, Concord, in Dunedin, at 11.12am yesterday, police said.

He later received medical support, emergency service staff said.


Buying decent tyres instead of budget tyres is all well and good, but in Dunedin it would be a great help if people didn't follow about 3 metres behind and merged properly on-ramps, and people stopped slamming on the anchors - those things are often worse than speeding and are not ticketed enough compared to speeding, and young people seem to get the blame just if their car looks 'boyracery'.

NZTA fob off

That would be the same South rd as I have been warring with the NZTA and Council for a year over having the Caversham Glen motorway on-ramp closed permanently as a part of the widening of the motorway and that has resulted in increased traffic volumes and speed on South Rd which sees this design flaw causing accidents and near misses almost everyday outside my house. Just a matter of time before someone is killed. The Council are looking at what they can do with all the urgency of a turbo powered snail. The NZTA told me they had had public meetings but missed us of the mailout. That their desicion was final and to go away in the nicest possible way of course.


Totally agree with you there Speedfreak.

Tyres are the only thing between you and the road and we expect four patches the size of our hand to perform miracles wet or dry.

It's too much to think Sgt Benn will understand tyre compounds and coefficients of friction on different surfaces let alone espouse this to the public, so it's up to individuals to realise that you need to spend as much as you can afford on tyres.

Let's face it, "stuff" happens on our roads so you need that ability to make sudden corrective inputs to a car to at least reduce but hopefully avoid the worst.

You don't have that ability when you fit cheap tyres.

Yearly Wofs isn't going to help the situation either. Too many motorists rely on this to inform them if they need a wheel allignment or new rubber etc.

It's fine for those of us who regularly check our cars, but many don't have the skills or inclination. 

What Sgt Benn failed to say

Is that those cheap tyres purchased have no silica content and is why they were $100 per tyre cheaper than those that do.

Tyres with high silica content have much better grip on a wet road. See here  

While those cheap tyres may get you a wof and do the job most of the time, don't expect them to perform in an emergency situation on a wet  road. That old line rings true when it comes to tyres. You do get what you pay for. And the old Goodyear add, "If it only saves you once, its been a Goodyear"

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