Video: Drone flight over Railway Station

Here's a view of the Dunedin Railway Station that you don't see every day, courtesy of Aaron McGrouther and his drone-mounted camera.


Gelber LuftBallon, CAA

When Melbourne artist Shane McGrath flew his yellow balloon from the Cross Wharf in April last year to demonstrate the height (96.3 metres) of the proposed Betterways hotel, he was required to obtain Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) clearance prior to the planned flight.

CAA is currently developing policy for the regulation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) which include aeroplanes and multi-rotor ‘helicopters’ available from toy and electronic stores.

'Drones' or RPAS present a number of safety risks. Policy considerations include pilot licensing, use of airspace, and backups for systems failure.

Proposed interim RPAS regulatory changes will be presented to Cabinet shortly for approval; to be followed by consultation on detailed rule amendments.

In the meantime, RPAS operators are encouraged to continue to engage with the CAA about their operation and receive guidance about the relevant Civil Aviation Rules. Link


Police issue

Handy for police work. I gather patrol drones were tried in Lyttelton.

Not big or heavy

if it hit a car, there'd be a clunk.. these things are not very big or heavy.  Sure, one to the head might hurt, but it's not going to kill anyone. The operator would be more worried about losing it.

Thank you for putting it on

Thank you for putting it on, as it was good to see the station from a different perspective
and how lovely the area is.

What is the setup you have?

Want it!

Must have one.

Get off the grass

Yes, God forbid we have small things flying around our city... but seriously do some reasearch on the technology that controlls quadcopters, you'll be suprised. You should be more worried about general motor traffic hitting you... or even bird strike!   

Cool but ...

Looks like fun until somebody gets hurt. Fancy being buzzed by a drone on the way to work? A brief wind gust, clips the flagpole, damages a rotor and bang, lands on someone's car on Thomas Burns St.  Fun times.

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