Aucklander tipped for Dunedin South

Hamish Walker
Hamish Walker
Auckland property manager Hamish Walker is understood to be the frontrunner to be named next week as the National Party's candidate for Dunedin South.

Mr Walker, the managing partner of Walker Weir Property Management, said in an email to the Otago Daily Times he was interested in the nomination. However, the rules prevent him from talking until the selection process is completed.

National Party southern regional chairwoman Ele Ludemann said nominations closed at noon and the board had to approve anyone nominated. Anyone approved went to a selection meeting.

''We don't give names at this stage and rules prevent anyone nominated from speaking publicly. We are expecting to complete selection early next week,'' she said.

Mr Walker's LinkedIn profile says he attended John McGlashan college between 1996 and 2001, putting him in his early 30s.

His personal details on his company's website mention his community involvement, including being a community street patrol member, mentoring children living with diabetes, coaching a girl's high school soccer team and being a member of the Remuera Rotary Club.

He is also a rugby referee and a member of the National Development Group.

At the last election, National candidate Jo Hayes, now a list MP based in the North Island, helped cut Labour MP Clare Curran's majority and helped National win the party vote in the traditional Labour seat.

Ms Curran is Labour's candidate this year.


On the subject of boys' club Hamish Walker... We've all seen how useful list MP Michael Woodhouse has been for Dunedin. He helped bring $15m of government money to our wonderful rugby stadium (noticeably, not a new roof to our public hospital operating suite). He flies a (Key-supporter, oh yes) Silver Fern flag from the building housing his 'campaign' office. Mr Woodhouse has crawled rapidly (with little or no constituent backing) up that pathway of roses to sit (on camera) near Mr Key in Parliament House and is nonchalantly seen (on camera) with the Prime Minister on tour at China and elsewhere. Walker is simply more of boyish National sameness, backed by the bosom (rugger, school and university) buddies of St Clair.

National letdown

With such strong passion for Dunedin South, I expect the candidate from Remurera will be staying on in the area after the electon if unsucessful? (Former National voter after this blow to our city)


National won't be counting on a win in South D anyway. The real suprise is that it appears that Labour aren't competing seriously in Waitaki.

Labour Waitaki candidate

Agreed, Glenda Alexander isn't a perfect Waitaki fit, if she does indeed still reside in Dunedin, but it's a better fit than Mr Walker in Auckland.

Hamish Walker

Hamish is a born and bred Dunedin boy through and through. Contrary to what has been stated he is living here, in Dunedin, currently.

He was officiating in the premier rugby 'Jonathan Keogh Memorial Trophy' at Kettle Park yesterday - he was very close to Jonathan, who died in 2006.

If you talk to him, his sole purpose for coming back to Dunedin, is because of his passion for this city.

Pots and Kettles

Labour's Waitaki candidate is based in Dunedin...


Does the National Party realise that this looks like a slap in the face to Dunedin?

Yes, there are thousands and thousands of ex-Dunedin or ex-Otago businesspersons with fond nostalgia for our southern city -- my Auckland relatives are among them -- but having a a residual distant affection doesn't qualify a person to represent the city and region on pressing current political issues.

The level of National's disconnect is also evident in the Party's choice of 24-year-old tobacco lobbyist Todd Barclay to replace Bill English as local candidate. The youthful Mr Barclay has ominously commented that he joined Phillip Morris to 'get some private sector experience and work in the real world for a while'. Perhaps Mr Barclay would be better placed getting real-world experience alongside Dr Chris Jackson in the hospital Oncology Unit?

If Mr Walker genuinely wants to represent Dunedin in Parliament, he ought to consider shifting back here rather than jet-setting south on a fortnightly basis. Purporting to represent Dunedin's interests while residing in Auckland is positively feudal.


National's Aucklander for South Dunedin

What an insult to National supporters in South Dunedin. Where's your local candidate?

Is it they just don't care about South Dunedin?

Look Blue, Go Purple

He has better metaphor than Jo Hayes, who said "South Dunedin went from deepest Red to a lovely Purple!" (In Parliament).

Not a National supporter...

but I personally know Hamish and despite him living in Auckland he is an Otago man through and through and will only have Dunedin's best interests in mind if nominated. Now, will his other mates be so enthused with Dunedin's interests as Hamish's...


I'll not be voting for him, I'd much rather vote for someone who lives here and has to see and live with the consquences of their decisions and be available to receive visits in person in their constituency.

Absent on a Soapbox

WT? I thought MPs lived in their electorates. Is this a list chap? Street corner meetings on location, please.

We don't need some guy

No, we don't need some guy living in Auckland to represent Dunedin, I'm sure the Dunedin South branch of the National Party will  understand that their job is not  to represent Auckland.

Remmers South

I remain a CC constituent, but we need Auckland high flyers of this calibre.

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