Electronic tags proposed

Electronically tagging men on protection orders has been proposed by Bill Wilson, the former Supreme Court judge heading the Glenn Inquiry.

The inquiry's ''People's Report'' is due to be released today and analyses accounts of victims and workers in the field.

While specific recommendations are not due until the inquiry's final report in October, Mr Wilson has suggested tagging because he said men would not be stopped from attacking their former partner or children by a piece of paper.

The tag would go off, alerting police and the former partner when a perimeter had been breached.

Mr Wilson also called for an overhaul of the family violence system and court and for political parties to work together on the matter.



Max, I understand that. I hope those gender bias injustices are over. Denial of parental access for no good reason is vindictive. Every time this issue comes up, I think of Katherine Webb and her children, who were failed by the System. That's why I hope some practical curb can be put on men who have made threats.

The good old days

I just don't want to see us return to the good old days of man bashing and that all rights are takjen from Fathers. I missed out on having a father for the first 7 or 8 years of my life because the courts automatically believed my mother, when in fact it was her that was the dangerous one.

Man proof fence

It's a start, Max. On the evidence, it's men have been the danger. Pragmatics, get the system up, debate it later.

Men only?

Any law that singled out men could be deemed to be discriminatory. Women can and have been shown to be just as dangerous. There have been many cases in the news recently where a former female partner has murdered their ex when there is a protection order in place.

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