Pedestrian hit by vehicle in city

A pedestrian was knocked over by a vehicle in the centre of Dunedin this morning, resulting in minor disruption to traffic.

The incident, at the intersection of Cumberland and St Andrew Sts, was at the 'minor' end of the scale, Senior Sergeant Matt Scoles said.

The extent of any injuries to the pedestrian was not known.

The incident was resolved fairly quickly, Snr Sgt Scoles said.


If you want to see if more pedestrian crossings would lead to less jaywalking, spend a couple of hours in Mosgiel.  There are plenty of pedestrian crossings and yet there is still jaywalking.  The DCC put out a brochure advising on how to use pedestrian crossings, islands etc with both walkers and drivers in mind.  It was well done and should be read by everyone.  Too many crossings can fragment traffic flow and lead to gridlock at peak times.  In fact, sometimes slowing the traffic is the reason they are installed.  Fair enough, but the one thing you can not change but have to take into account is human nature. 

When will this stop?

Both cyclists and pedestrians continue to be harmed or killed in our city.  We need to consider and implement traffic calming strategies before more people get killed.

How many?

I was wondering how many pedestrians have been hit by vehicles in downtown Dunedin over the past month? Good to read that this accident was "minor." The downtown area needs more pedestrian crossings, which would not only aid pedestrians, but would discourage jaywalking and help prevent accidents. Lower speed limits for the downtown area would also help, and they should be clearly marked.

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