Dissatisfied residents sign up

Marlow St resident Trevor McStay has gathered 270 signatures in petition to reopen access to the street from Royal Cres after it was closed to create a safer environment for cyclists. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Marlow St resident Trevor McStay has gathered 270 signatures in petition to reopen access to the street from Royal Cres after it was closed to create a safer environment for cyclists. Photo by Peter McIntosh.

Resident backlash against the South Dunedin Cycle Network continues with a 270-signature petition to be presented to the Dunedin City Council urging it to reverse changes made to Marlow St to make it safer for cyclists.

Under the new layout, a two-way intersection at Marlow St and Royal Cres became a one-way exit-only from Marlow St.

The change created a ''quiet street'' and forced people who had used it as a through-route to find new ways to schools and work.

The inconvenience, extra petrol costs from driving the extra four or five blocks required and annoyance at not being consulted before the change prompted Marlow St resident Trevor McStay to start the petition.

''Normally, I'm quite shy and don't say a lot, but this has sort of got my goat,'' Mr Marlow said.

The road was popular for parents bringing children to and from schools in the area, including Musselburgh School, Tahuna Intermediate and Tainui School, as well as Bayfield High School.

People now had to travel along other streets and Ravelston St had become a connector route to Andersons Bay instead, increasing traffic there.

Marlow St, on the other hand, had become what the council desired for it - a quiet street.

''It's dead quiet now. There's very little traffic.''

That had not brought cyclists to the street so far, he said, and he was not sure any more would come once connecting quiet streets from Tedder St and further west were completed.

''We see more people walking their dogs on the cycle lane than cyclists.''

Mr McStay and his wife collected the signatures at night, including from residents in Marlow, Normanby, Ravelston and Ascot Sts and part of Royal Cres, on Saturdays from users of Culling Park and after school outside Musselburgh, Tahuna Intermediate and Tainui Schools.

Most people they door-knocked were willing to sign the petition, he said.

He would like the council to reverse the changes, but was not sure it would.

Council senior transportation planner Lisa Clifford said the council was always open to feedback from residents.

She noted when concerns were raised by a Marlow St resident recently, staff offered to visit to explain why the change was made - mainly to improve the safety of cyclists - but that offer was declined.

She said the change was consulted on as part of both the Royal Cres and Marlow St cycle routes.

Mr McStay said the council had consulted those around the intersection, but other residents of the street were not consulted.

He and his wife had been offered a meeting with staff, but declined because they felt they had made it clear enough what they wanted, he said.

''We don't mind the cycleway. We just want the intersection back to two-way.''


Perhaps there not a complete waste

I travelled both one way streets yesterday and also didn't see any cyclists. I did however witness this elderly fella on a Honda Gold Wing (or something similar, you know, the big bikes with radios and all the comforts of home), He was making great use of it and travelled most of the one way heading north in it, travelling at 30-40kmh passing cars on the inside.

They make a great passing lne for motorcyclists and I have taken note and will likely do the same. 

Victoria Road cycleway

Went to get the Saturday news paper from the local dairy this morning and I seen five cyclist on Victoria Road, guest where they were? Well, they were not on their brand new cycle way.

Signing the petition

I am signing and I agree with dunedinBlogAl that: "The council should put a hold on building cycleways until it is clear that they are going to be used."

Love it

Aw Hype. Stop making me laugh so hard. I've a cracked rib and it hurts so much to do so. LOL

Big tick for your comment though but the last few words should read "here in Dunedin, township of delusion" 

Build it and they will, or won't

"Did the council monitor the number of cars" compared with cycles, asks sv3nno adding, "Whichever has the greatest number should win." Sorry sv3nn0, that's not how it works. This is Dunedin, home of the Fubar Stadium, where unwise decisions are pushed through by a few forceful people. The slogan is "Build it and they will come". If they aren't there now it proves how much it is needed, because until it was created they couldn't (wouldn't) be there - right? Well, no, but please don't mention that. We don't like people being "negative" here in Dunedin City of Visions.

Signing petition

If you are keen to sign the petition feel free to text me on


Thanks for your support, Trevor.


Marlow Street

I am a resident of Marlow Street and I am really annoyed that I was not consulted in any meaningful way about the street becoming one way.  I have never made a fuss about anything - I'm a lie down and take it person usually - but in my world if you want to make a major change you consult the people who will be affected.  That is me, and nobody consulted me, nobody seems to care what I think and I am, frankly, angry.  My new project is that regularly I will take a photo of this bereft-of-cycles cycleway, and post it to my Facebook page.  

I have a bike and am able to bike in the old fashioned style of taking care of traffic, making sure I am out of the way of the cars and being careful.  Why are others not able to do this?  Why do invisible cyclists need a veritable road of their very own to go in a direction they don't want to go, on a cycleway they don't use?



Did the council monitor the number of cars using the street before the changes to compare with monitoring of the number of cyclists using the street? Whichever has the greatest number should win.

Cycleway to nowhere

I commute from St Clair to the city and tried this cycleway. I found that it was much further and took much longer than my regular route via Queens Drive and Midland Street. Having to give way at the minor intersections and wait for gaps in the traffic to cross Musselburgh Road and Portsmouth Drive took significant time. Even as a cycleway, it is little use. The council should put a hold on building cycleways until it is clear that they are going to be used.

Civil disobedience

Just continue to drive on the road you paid for and bought your properties alongside. Disregard them as they have disregarded you. Get a clue. These people don't want consultation to tell them that what was done is good. If it was good they would not be complaining, would they?


I would be happy to sign your petition Trevor. Having children attend Musselburgh school, this road closure (and the Rugby street one) is poorly thought out and detrimental to the majority for the benefit of a small minority who don't even use it! 


Council should reconsider

We live in a city where we bow to the minorities. It's a similar thing to in the CBD where carparks are under threat. At Christmas time I thought to myself - why don't we see masses cycle with shopping bags tied to the handlebars? I'm not anti-two wheels as I have a motorbike, but it's time we came to our senses in this city.

I'll sign

Bring the petition further around the neighbourhood. Marlow Street is a main route from Tainui/Andy Bay/Musselburgh to St Kilda. The changes are so annoying to motorists and not needed.

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