Restored Dunedin cable car wins award

A Mornington cable car trailer that last ran on the High St cable car line in January 1957 has received a major award from the Federation of Railway Organisations of New Zealand, being named as the best restoration of a tramway vehicle for 2014.

The award, for Mornington cable car trailer 111, was unexpected, lead restorer Don McAra, of Christchurch, said.

The volunteers who worked on the cable car trailer, along with the Tramway Historical Society, were delighted, he said.

A formal ''launch'' of the cable car trailer would be held on the Ferrymead tramway on a date to be announced, Mr McAra said.

The restoration of the cable car trailer, originally built in 1925 by the Dunedin City Corporation tramways department, took thousands of hours of volunteer labour guided by the professional staff at the Tramway Historical Society.

Society volunteers were now starting the restoration of Mornington cable car 103, Mr McAra said.

Cycleways are a bargain

Oxygendebt. Just how exactly to you come to that? Tipping thousands of dollars at a minority when the council is all but broke sounds like stupidity to me.

I just can't wait until the cycle lanes are completed and the statistics show they were a waste of time and money. And the same goes with the buses. Doesn't matter just how much is spent on cycling and the bus service, fact remains that most will still take the car.

But just like the stadium, don't listen to the majority and waste the money and find out for yourselves. I love they saying "Told ya so" and can't wait to spout it out loudly another couple of times.

Just for the record, Wellington is ditching its trolley buses, maybe grabbing those would be a good idea? 

Some 'yes,buts'

"Did you know that it costs about $400,000 just to buy one city bus?"  oxygendebt writes. "That's just the upfront purchase price and doesn't include all the ongoing maintenance and operation costs of fuel and personnel.  Cycleways are a bargain."  
It certainly looked convincing, until I started wondering how many different people that bus would carry per day, per week, until it was removed from service.  What would it cost for each of them to buy a bicycle?  True, this would be individual costs rather than paid for by the city collectively, the same city that pays a considerable amount for cycleways.  
There is another consideration and that is, how much of the cost goes out of Dunedin?  The whole cost of the bus and fuel and parts.  Personnel costs would be paid to local workers, likewise some or all of maintenance labour costs.  Bicycles are not manufactured here, though if a person buys a 2nd hand one here the money stays here.  
If a bus or a bicycle is bought with borrowed money the interest flows out - out of NZ to foreign-owned banks.  Bike repairs can be carried out by owners, in many cases, so not many service and repair jobs, if any, would be created by an increase in cyclists.  Workshops are even held where cyclists can learn how to care for and repair their own cycles.
As with many claims that this or that is a cheaper, or healthier or more planet-saving option,  looking behind the most obvious figures often produces a complex picture consisting of several "yes-buts".

This story isn't about cycleways

How bizarre that Opinion999 wants to turn this nice story about some volunteers winning an award into another rant against cycleways, but here we go.  How do you figure that installing a cable car system in Dunedin would be "for everyone" but installing cycleways is "for only a few?"  Everyone can use the cycleways if they so choose.  Not only that, but the use of the cycleways is free, whereas riding the cable car would have to cost at least as much as taking the bus.  Cycleways are extremely cheap to build and maintain compared with a cable car or bus system, or even a road for that matter.  Did you know that it costs about $400,000 just to buy one city bus?  That's just the upfront purchase price and doesn't include all the ongoing maintenance and operation costs of fuel and personnel.  Cycleways are a bargain.

Dunedin needs cable car system back

Mikestk - What I was trying to put across is why should they be taking Dunedin's heritage out and giving it to someone else? Instead of wasting millions on a cycle system that only a few will use, why not install a system that will be used by many and possibly pay for itself and bring some heritage back into Dunedin.

Just a thought... 

Not really a cable car

I don't think this is a real "Dunedin Cable Car" as described in the headline but, as explained in the body of the article, one of their trailers, a second car that was towed by the Dunedin cable cars to carry more passengers. Tacking one of those on the back of a Christchurch tram makes more sense than  them having built a full cable system.

Why Christchurch?

Why are they taking a Dunedin tram and installing it in Christchurch? Wouldn't it have been a better use of public money to install the system back in Dunedin for everyone's use instead of building that stupid cycleway for only a few people?


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