Victims of bashing to meet attackers

Makayla Spiers, Tae Flavell and Annalise Cooper were assaulted last month. Photo Stephen JaquieryThe victims of a group beating are set to face their teen aggressors.

Tae Flavell (19), Annalise Cooper (19) and Makayla Spiers (18), were assaulted by a dozen teenage girls late last month after asking them to pick up a wheelie bin that had been knocked over.

Their story captured national headlines and a 14-second clip of the assault was shared widely on social media.

Police yesterday confirmed they had completed their investigation and four Dunedin teens - two aged 15 and two aged 16 - had been referred to a youth justice family group conference.

The allegations of a serious assault would be addressed at the conference, Senior Sergeant Mark Crawford, of Dunedin, said.

Miss Flavell, who is recovering from a broken ankle after the incident, told the Otago Daily Times she had been contacted by police, who explained the process.

That was likely to include a face-to-face ''group conference'' with the teenagers.

While her friends appeared keen to meet the girls, she remained apprehensive, she said.

''I am just over it. I have passed my angry phase and just want to get on with my life without worrying about them.''

The trio planned to enrol in self-defence classes once they had recovered from their injuries, she said.

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