'Free Gaza' march in city

Protesters gathered in the Octagon following the march from the Dental School today. Photo Craig Baxter
Protesters gathered in the Octagon following the march from the Dental School today. Photo Craig Baxter

Hundreds took part in a "Free Gaza" protest march from the Dental School to the Octagon in central Dunedin today.

The march was followed by several speeches in the city centre.

A small group of pro-Israeli protesters was also present.

The pot is black

Notice how there are no protests at over 120,000 killed in Syria, or the massacres taking place in Iraq right now. Do you ever wonder why we never protest the Apartheid conditions for Women in the middle east? or the inexcusable violations and mistreatment of Christians? Just silence on these, but we see a protest against Israel the only true democracy in the Middle East. The only country where an Arab woman can experience equality. The only country where all are free to practise their religion without persecution. Where you can even criticise the Government, yes it is Israel.

Pot calling kettle black?

simon1000: You really should get your facts straight and look back to read about the Irgun Israeli terrorists who bombed the King David Hotel killing 91 people in 1946, and Israel still celebrates that event! 


Shame to see this in Dunedin, but I did notice a Mana party sign, so we know it is just a fringe thing. This war is well promoted by the same countries and peoples who have failed in multiple wars to destroy Israel. This is simply the propoganda war, which is the option after military efforts have failed. In order for people to demonize Israel in this round of fighting, they need to look past Hamas using people as human shields, calling for people to be used as human shields, blaming Israel for the people hamas accidentally kill. The list is long, but as it was famously said if you repeat a lie long enough it becomes plausible.

Let's support Palestine

Since Israel made a slave state of Palestine, and Hamas are the sole group willing to attack the slavers, what choice do they have? Israel continues to steal Palestinian land. Their sea is blockaded by the US supported Israeli navy. Israel decides who can enter and leave Palestine, what supplies can enter, and what they can purchase. It's time Israel stopped crying foul over events that happened millennia ago and got out of Palestine. The World no longer sympathises with Israel. 

Israel's inaccurate ordnance

Since the Israeli gunboat off Gaza wasn't aiming at the kids on the beach, according to Israel, they either need more precise equipment or fire line of sight, not from below the horizon. Navally slack.

Israel is just so mean

Yeah, what Israel should to is let Hamas indescriminately fire rockets at them and do nothing but nicely ask them stop. That's worked so well up 'tll now.

Gaza war

Hamas can't just fire rockets at Israel and get away with it ... Obviously Palestinian people know who Hamas members are. They should tell them to stop their activities an they probably would start enjoying a normal life. Hamas do not care about who gets hurt following their actions and they are not interested in decent negotiations..just ruthless fanatics. I am neutral but I believe Israel has the right to defend itself.


The signs being held in this post tell it all. Hamas militants in Gaza started the war. Hamas rockets are aimed indiscrimately at civilian centers hoping for mass casualties? Yes! Including children.

Israeli bombing does inflict civilian casualties.

Billions have been donated to groups in Gaza now for many years and yet they haven't managed to build air raid shelters? They have managed to build very impressive tunnels though. Millions have found their way into the deep pockets of Hamas leaders.

Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007 by killing many of the Palestinian authorities forces because the people of Gaza wanted to get rid of the corrupt Palestinian Authority. Now Hamas is doing the same.

israel shouldn't have to be in control of the Palestinian people but untill they can control themselves !it has no other option.

Well done Dunedin

Well done Dunedin, Israel took note of your protest and will stop what they're doing immediately.

Really!!!...if Dunedin can't stop a Mayor from buying camel shackles, what hope has it got on a global scale?

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