Burger chain brings jobs to city

A graphic representation of the new Wendy's outlet on Andersons Bay Rd in South Dunedin. Photo supplied
A graphic representation of the new Wendy's outlet on Andersons Bay Rd in South Dunedin. Photo supplied
Fifty-six jobs will be created when fast-food outlet Wendy's opens in South Dunedin next year.

Ground work has begun on its new site, part of the former Red Barn Garden Centre, at 369 Andersons Bay Rd.

The busy road is the location of several other fast-food chains, such as McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Hell Pizza.

''We've been looking for a site for some time, but it has been a case of being patient and finding the right location,'' Wendy's chief executive Danielle Lendich said.

The burger chain has resource consent to operate a 265sqm, about 62-seat restaurant and drive-through, its second South Island store. The first opened in Christchurch last year.

Ms Lendich said there would be 50 jobs for crew and six for management. How many would be full-time or part-time would depend on the job candidates, she said. Recruiting for management jobs had begun and crew positions would be advertised next year.

Ground work has begun on the site. Photo by Craig Baxter
Ground work has begun on the site. Photo by Craig Baxter
The chain had high hopes for Dunedin after its Christchurch restaurant set a record for its first seven days of sales, she said.

The restaurant would feature cafe-style seating and group seating for larger dining parties, and a two-sided grill that cooks meat faster and improves food safety.

The chain was also looking for other locations in the city to open. Wendy's has 21 restaurants in New Zealand.

Developer Home Centre Properties confirmed one of two other sections in the development would have Pita Pit and KiwiYo franchises. A tenant of the second site was not yet confirmed.



I'd say one of the reasons this city isn't doing so well starts with all the people who constantly purge their negative views on pretty much everything that happens in this city, especially news that others (like unemployed people...) would find positive.

Mike, I'm guessing you've never eaten at Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy's before. Funnily enough, they don't sell the exact same looking and tasting burgers. What a surprise!! They may have similar ingredients, but for them to all be global franchises they obviously don't all taste the same.

It is great news for Dunedin, especially for the job creation side of it.

And as for the comment about how this sort of thing isn't good for us, and it's not helping obesity etc, what a joke.
People have control over what they eat, whether they know/think it or not. Stop forcing things on those of us who have enough self control.
If you're that concerned about people with diabeties/obesity etc, don't whine on about it on public forums - go talk to those people and offer to help them. Thats the only way things get done.

Little positive

gutty: because there's little positive in this announcement - as I pointed out below long term the number of hamburgers sold on that block of Andy Bay road is likely fixed - the other stores will have to lay people off when their sales drop - and another franchise fee being paid to an Auckland firm - more wealth being siphoned directly out of our economy, money that wont be spent again in other shops in town providing more jobs there.

All jobs are not created equally - a Dunedin-owned burger chain selling Otago beef, chips made from Taieri grown potatoes would likely result in the same number of jobs, but leave far more wealth circulating in the local economy.

Breakfast Mushroom Melt

Nobody's forcing anyone to eat any fast food, so if you don't like another fast food outlet in Dunedin.. don't go!

Saying that...Breakfast Mushroom Melt...nuff said! 

Why the negativity?

Why the hate and negative comments? 

Be thankful they even came here. People don't care if you're on a diet. Don't tell others they need to be too.

Fast food is a treat to most families.  I'll be there on the opening day for sure! 


As a city we have to look beyond these "Mc Jobs"... Oh sure we create 50 jobs, but guaranteed they're all minimum wage positions. Look to the western world to countries like Canada and the US where people working for places like Wendy's are still on social assistance.


Jobs v diet

While we need jobs in Dunedin like never before, there is some public health risk to adding more such fast food outlets. 

Continuing increases of this type of fast food must be of some concern. Diabetes is already an epidemic, its many food-related effects putting increasing presure on our health service dollar.

Are there no considerations given to the number of such outlets by town planers, the increasing price of affordable healthy food, and public health costs?



Qsrc: I think you deliberately misunderstand - my point was that they should be chased from the front page,  not that they should be chased out of town. The number of hamburgers sold on that part of Andy Bay road likely won't change once the novelty of yet another American chain has worn off and as a result some of these jobs will displace jobs from their neighbours.

The people who do deserve the front page are those locals who start their own companies that employ people here and export the results - of course they all start small and never just start up with 50 employees. The real world just doesn't work that way.

Carpetbaggers who show up with a bunch of money with the intent of bleeding far more out of the economy don't deserve those sorts of accolades or respect. 

Not opposed but...

Although I'm not opposed to Wendy's opening, I would like to point out that the 50 jobs will be just for the the opening rush for the first few weeks and will likely drop to 30-40 jobs quite quickly.

Second a lot of these jobs will come at the expense of jobs at other fast food places around it, meaning the the overall increase in jobs may not be that big.

I agree

Lets chase Wendys out of town and tell them to take their 50 jobs with them. Let's also call a halt to the construction to the three new premises being built there. Tell those builders to beat it too!

All jobs are not equal

All jobs are not created equally, 50 jobs at a Dunedin owned small manufacturing company that adds value to raw materials and sells the results in Auckland leaving the resulting wealth in the community, or 50 jobs in Dunedin owned IT companies that sell their Apps worldwide, and equally leave their wealth in the city are worth far more to our community than 50 jobs in a fast food franchise owned in Auckland selling pre-packaged food also shipped in from Auckland who the expatriate the profits back to Auckland.

Those exporting (even to Auckland) jobs from Dunedin owned companies are the ones we really want, they enhance our economy.

50 jobs at Dunedin owned DunnersBurger selling Otago beef burgers with the profits staying in the community is probably roughly neutral to our economy.

Wendy's operation's 50 jobs will suck wealth from our economy, putting it on page one and lauding it as a boost for our economy is either the ODT being deeply ironic (it's not 1/4 is it?) or a splendid PR move on Wendy's part.

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