Dunedin concert for Lorde

Chart-topper Lorde will perform at the Dunedin Town Hall on October 29.

The North Shore teenager has won two Grammy Awards, for Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Solo Performance, and last year she picked up four New Zealand Music Awards. 

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She was keen to do a New Zealand tour, saying she liked Kiwi crowds.

"Kiwi audiences are the best, and I'm so happy to be playing the final shows for Pure Heroine here. It's only right I come full circle, back to where it all started," Lorde said in a statement.

Other New Zealand concerts will be in Auckland (November 1), Wellington (October 31) and Christchurch (October 27).

Tickets for the Dunedin show will be available from September 1 via Ticketdirect.

My point exactly

Kevy. Your first sentence states my point exactly.

Second sentence. A subjective view.

Glad Lourde is coming

Anything that can fill the Town Hall and run at a profit is ok by me. Sadly we have seen no major concerts at FSB since Aerosmith April 2103. We did see Sydney FC V Newcastle which was underwritten by ratepayers, sadly it failed to reach its break even by some 2000 tickets costing those said rate payers some $130,000.

Mr Davies the CEO of DVML put a different spin on the event and called the failure to break even a glittering success which put Dunedin on the map. If that is the case can we see the benefits? Can we see the forward bookings for events at FSB or enquiries from around the world? The names of those clamouring to become part of the next glittering success? Mr Davies, please can you tell us when we can expect the next major event at FSB? One that breaks even would be novel.

Bring Lorde to FBS

I agree we have a wonderful Stadium but I must say I am surprised that Lorde is not playing there even hiring a basic stage and sound system. My guess is the Stadium would easily get 10,000+ from across Otago/Southland for Lorde as she is now a major world famous act. Sadly we will see the town hall sell out in minutes and the same with a 2nd show. Then there will be a whole lot of people who miss out as I doubt a 3rd show will be scheduled. Hopefully the promoters change venue after they find strong demand and go to plan B (FBS).

Who cares?

I find her music awful. I'd rather poke a rusty nail in my eye than go to this concert, regardless of where it is.

Of course

Most artists are better in smaller intimate settings - Flight of the Chonchords were excellent in the Regent - this is a very good thing.

Lorde concert

Don't be daft Digger. You don't do concerts like Lorde in large stadiums.  Or are you just looking for another way  to " knock" our wonderful stadium, yet again?

Yawn... here we go again

In which other NZ cities is she playing in stadiums? Answer: none. So why would her promoters want to construct a completly new stage, video and sound setup just for Dunedin?

Not another stadium show

Another concert not for the stadium. I guess Lorde, like everyone else by now, has found out the stadium is a dud for concerts despite the claims it would be great. 

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