Several hurt in Mosgiel party blast

A steel grass roller blew up after it was put on a Mosgiel bonfire early this morning, sending up to six people to hospital with minor burns.

The fire service and St John attended the incident on Dukes Rd North, about 1.30am.

The explosion caused the clothing of six partygoers to catch fire, causing status two and three burn injuries to three people.

The fire also spread to a hedge. Partygoers jumped in a pond to put out the flames.

A Fire Service spokesman said the roller had water inside it, which exploded when it heated up.

Resident Vivienne Patrick insisted the explosion was minor.

"We're all fine, it was a non-event, it just looked really spectacular with lots of flashing lights."

However, the it did kill a chicken, which she said died of fright.

"There was one fatality: it was the chicken, Mabel, it got a fright," she said.

"They're having a wake for it now - she's on the menu for tea tonight."

Fire trucks were used to help take the patients to Dunedin Hospital, including two who had status two burns to their face, arms and legs.

Party blast

You have to wonder about the gene pool in Moz! The person with the most brains at that party died. R.I.P. Mabel.  

Science education

Steel is not the issue - it's putting what's essentially a steam boiler on a fire that's the problem. 

The fact that no one at the party saw this was an issue really is damming on the state of science education in modern society. Let's get teachers out from under this silly 'National standards' stuff that makes them spend all their time doing paper work and get back to teaching real stuff.  

A non-event?

How can this be a non-event? Clothes were on fire. People got burned. People went to hospital. A hedge caught fire. All because somebody (or several of them) hasn't got the IQ of a rock. Why would they think this was a good idea? And why would people in the neighbourhood be so dismissive of what could have been a fatal act of stupidity? 

Party blast

Why? Why would anybody put a steel anything on a fire? Perhaps the timing, early hours of the morning, is a clue.

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