Welcome to our new site

The digital revolution has just taken another turn for Otago Daily Times readers with the launch today of www.odt.co.nz, an open and free source of local, national, international and sports news.

We invite you on board the Otago Daily Times' multi-media platform at www.odt.co.nz - we guarantee it will be an exciting, entertaining and rewarding ride around your world.

Late last year we launched the successful motoring website drivesouth.co.nz, and from today www.odt.co.nz will be your first port of call for breaking news.

We'll update constantly throughout the day, bringing you the latest national and local news as well as features from throughout our region, New Zealand and the world.

The Otago Daily Times has been online for a long time. Indeed, we were digital pioneers. Our site was launched in July 1997, giving a snapshot of local and national news and a complete replica of the newspaper for our digital subscribers. You will still be able to access the digital edition of your favourite newspaper, but now there is so much more.

And, of course, it's all about you. We have designed the site for you, our readers. Now you can interact with the ODT in many exciting and different ways. So, let's have a conversation at www.odt.co.nz

You'll be able to comment on stories, vote in polls, send us your photographs, create your own news stories.

Your opinions will help shape the news as never before.

Don't be scared to contact us. We want both your feedback and your contributions _ stories, photos, events - and we now have the cyberspace to publish what we receive.

The ODT is rightly known for the depth of our local coverage, and we'll carry that even further online.

Not only will we replicate online the hyper-local stories found in the Regioins section of the print edition, but the site takes this further with a unique Your Town section.

Most of the towns in our area get their own home-page, complete with news stories, photographs, events, photo slideshows and weather.

If your school is staging a play and you've taken some photographs, send them in. If it snows, we want your pictures. Is there a community notice you want published? No problem - we've made it easy to submit your content.

We have also taken into account the importance of tertiary students to the region by creating an On Campus section, complete with news, photo slideshows, blogs and a gig guide.

Elsewhere on the site, our sport coverage will be as comprehensive as ever, ranging from grassroots local games to the most up-to-date news and results from around the globe.

For world news we have signed a partnership with international news giant Associated Press to deliver the latest news and photographs from throughout the world. Wherever news happens, AP is there, and we will be there with them.

We aim to provide depth as well as breadth. Make sure to check out our Opinion and Business section for independent thought and analysis.

Our bloggers will provide a slightly different flavour of opinion, but will certainly be entertaining.

Our Lifestyle pages will showcase the best food and wine coverage, along with ODT features, health stories and travel.

As you would expect from reading Play in the print edition, music, film, books and the arts will all be comprehensively reported and analysed in Entertainment.

And, of course, if Britney sneezes, we'll cover that too. Check us out at www.odt.co.nz


The great strength of the Otago Daily Times is that is has long recognised and developed its place as a regional information source. 

Lifestyle Section

You have the most up to date and interesting features on food, fashion, wine etc, in this section of your newspaper on Wednesdays. Just keep this going, it's great, and I always look forward to buying my edition.

New site design

You've gone and done it now! I've made the new-look ODT site my homepage - it's crisp, clean, and honest - and well worth the wait.

Web Site (congratulations)

Although I have been a subscriber to the ODT for a long time now (and will continue to be so) I am very impressed with the online version - the ease with which one can navigate the impressive variety of information is really great. As an occasional traveler, the one thing I really miss while out of the country, is up to date news from back home. Your web site will do the trick nicely - so thank you. Well done!

Great site

Wanted to join the comments above in congratulating the ODT on the site. You've got the technical stuff and design right, but most of all you have the mindset right -
"So, let's have a conversation at www.odt.co.nz"
Conversation is what it's all about, and that's what will make the site; otherwise it will just be another "treeware on-screen" news site, without differentiation or unique value; one of hundreds of reasonable quality, all offering the same stuff (ha!) in a different colour.
Well done & good luck!

Fantastic new site

Like to catch up on the news from home & was blown away with the new site.
Well done people it's great, will be checking in more often now.

Well done on the new site

Congratulations on the new website design. Very clear and easy to follow. I spend time most days looking at overseas and northern newspaper sites and yours now loses absolutely nothing in comparison. I can't see myself bothering with The NZ Herald and Stuff in future. I've already referred my overseas family to the site and I'm certain they'll hook up.
As from today the ODT is set as my Internet start-up page, though I'm sure I will continue to read the hard copy delivered each morning. We'll have to keep getting that as "she who must be obeyed" is not computer literate!!!
Well done!


Great work. Previously I read the Herald instead. Now I can use the ODT. Thanks!

Most impressed with site

Have spent some time looking at features of new site. I am most impressed. Have sent address to friends in the US and Uk. Look forward to their comments. Congratulations. B.J.

Loving the new site in Dubai

Loving the new site! Heaps better than the old one! I'm a dunedinite living in Dubai so its good being able to catch up on what's happening in dunners :)

I like the new look

Keep up the good work. As a regular visitor to see what is happening at 'home', I think the new look is a vast improvement.
Regards to all from the Red Wine State in OZ.

Much better!

congrats on the new site. Much much MUCH better than the old one. Now it looks and behaves more like a newspaper / news site!
Well done. Of course this is still the nicest website in Dunedin ... ;-)

RSS feeds

Congratulations on the excellent revamp.

I appreciate the RSS feeds too. But could you establish a separate page that provides all the different RSS feeds that are available?



New Site New Design

Given how high the bar is set locally and internationally for news web sites, the task for the redesign of the ODT online can't have been a small task. No matter if you are the Guardian, New York Times or the ODT good web design is essential.

Well done on a fantastic new site. How great to see our voice of the south with such a sparkling new look. This will be my first stop for news from today on.

Well done ODT, a great asset for the people of the entire region of Otago.

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Monte Carlo Milk BarMosgielDairies
Night 'n Day Arrowtown FoodcentreArrowtownSupermarkets
Stirling SportsDunedinSporting Goods
Van Smirren Accounting - Mobile Accountant-OamaruAccountants