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Young Maori Dairy Farmer for 2014

Young Maori Dairy Farmer for 2014

Young Maniototo sharemilker Wiremu Reid has his sights firmly set on farm ownership.

Hard work, taking some risks led to success

Farming has been a great career choice for sheep and beef farmers Nelson and Fiona Hancox, of Tapanui.

Value of NZ's primary exports double by 2025

Value of NZ's primary exports double by 2025

The value of New Zealand's primary sector exports is predicted to double, on average, by 2025, with a further 33,000 jobs (to 403,000) generated in the sector by then.

Demanding standards result in 'beautiful meat'

Sheep and beef farmers Clayton and Lyn Chittock have recently returned from a two-week trip to Japan where they saw the ultimate destination of their beef, once it left New Zealand.

Levy about 'putting heat' into industry

The proposed levy referendum is about ''putting heat back into the industry'', Wool Levy Group chairwoman Sandra Faulkner says.

Side aims to help farmers work smarter

There is no difficulty in making farmers work smarter, says the South Island Dairy Event (Side) organising committee chairman Paul Marshall.

Horse breeders follow their noses

Breeding standard bred trotting and pacing horses is a far cry from building houses and selling real estate for former Dunedin businessman Tom Richardson.

Future to include shorter trees and robots

Rain covers, dwarf root stock, driverless tractors, drones and UFOs are the way forward for New Zealand's fruit growers in the next 10 to 15 years, Michigan State University's horticultural professor, Dr Greg Lang says.

Blunt force law change met with enthusiasm

New animal welfare laws for dairy cattle brought in last Friday will mean farmers will no longer be able to kill calves using blunt force to the head.

$6000 crops up for fundraising effort

It was a competition that brought out the best swedes, kale and a number of other winter crops from across the Maniototo.

A champion for farming

Fiona Hancox's father was Colin Richardson, a man who started life as a townie, before eventually owning 12 West Otago farms as well as being extensively involved in farming politics.

Ways to fly outcherries one of many topics discussed

New Zealand growers might have to consider hiring dedicated freight aircraft to transport a possible 3000 tonnes of cherries during the peak summer periods in the future, Summerfruit New Zealand vice-chairman Tim Jones says.

Couple enjoy taking a bite out of Japan

Waikoikoi sheep and beef farmer Clayton Chittock said he and his fellow travellers returned from their two-week trip to Japan much heavier than when they left.

N. Otago couple sell Angus bull for $55,000

N. Otago couple sell Angus bull for $55,000

A joint record of $55,000 in this season's bull sales has been achieved by North Otago Angus breeders Neil and Rose Sanderson.

Researcher reveals dairy soil benefits

Researcher reveals dairy soil benefits

Spreading cowshed effluent on fields and and undertaking irrigation are improving soil quality on dairy farms, a University of Otago PhD student, Bonface Manono, says.

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