Kiwis get first dibs on rebuild jobs

New Zealanders will be first in line for Canterbury rebuild jobs after a new visa rule which comes into effect today.

The new rule means visa applications to fill "most jobs" in Canterbury won't be processed until a check has been done to ensure there are no suitable New Zealanders to fill the vacancy.

"The rule also benefits employers because it streamlines the visa process," Immigration Minister Nathan Guy said.

"Employers will know sooner if a visa application for a migrant worker is likely to succeed."

From today, employers must register vacancies for trades, clerical and manual occupations in Canterbury with the Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub before they supported a visa application for a migrant to fill the vacancy.

If there were suitable New Zealanders available to do the job, the Skills Hub would help put the employer in touch with the candidates.

"If there are not, the Skills Hub will confirm this in a letter that can be sent to Immigration New Zealand along with a visa application for a migrant to be considered to fill the vacancy," Mr Guy said.

"The letter means Immigration New Zealand will no longer perform a labour market check (including a referral to Work and Income) as this job will already have been performed by the Skills Hub.

"This will speed up the visa processing time for employers and help towards the rebuild effort."

The rule change affected most jobs in Canterbury, including trades, clerical and manual jobs.

It did not affect highly skilled occupations, or occupations on the Canterbury Skills Shortage List.


No unemployment in Chch

So Chch must be the first city in NZ ever to have no un-employment, the WINZ offices must all be closed.

If this is not the case someone needs to explore why, that should also go for all the surrounding regions.

If there is work available as is the case, WINZ should be calling all those receiving a handout telling them where to be at 8am on Mon morning, if they don't show cut their dole, this should be a test of just how many people are actually prepared to work, no more excuses work or fend for your selves, the country cannot afford the endless dole queues any longer. 

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