Northland raining cash again

A second mysterious cash dump in Hikurangi has seen locals again grabbing for $100, $50 and $20 notes swirling on the breeze in the main street.

On Saturday morning "thousands" of dollars are believed to have come from a black four-wheel-drive vehicle as it drove along the main road, George St, just before 11am.

In mid October locals were delighted to see money falling from the back of a vehicle described as a black-coloured four-wheel-drive, just outside the old dairy factory buildings.

On that occasion the unexpected cash dump caught the eye of those in the area who were on their way to work or school and it was estimated about $20,000 had been scattered on the road. Most of it was gathered up and handed over to the male driver.

In the latest dash for cash on the weekend about 15 people gathered handfuls of money.

One of those who couldn't believe what was happening was Morgan Allen who came out of the Four Square and saw money lying on the road.

"There were people picking up fist fulls of money ... it was pretty exciting then I discovered it belonged to someone there," Mr Allen said.

"I was going round picking up money and this guy gratefully took it off me."

Mr Allen described the man as Maori and fairly solid.

He said there would have been thousands of dollars, as he had handed over about $3000.

The man drove off and a short time later come back in a small white car with another man and together they kept looking for the money.

Another man said he was heading to the Four Square to get some money out before attending the Kamo Christmas parade and was confused to see money blowing everywhere.

"I was there for about a minute and I reckon I picked up about $3000. My hands were so full I kept dropping some of it."

His wife also collected some of the cash and handed it over.

Hikurangi Hotel duty bar manager Tony Tito said patrons had been talking about the mystery over a few pints.

"No one could really believe that it had happened for a second time. People are really starting to wonder what is really happening in town."

Two hours later a couple of woman had been trying to get $20 bills out of the drain outside the pub.

Hikurangi resident Don Sinclair had heard it was drug money.

"I could have done with a few $50 dollar bills ... it wouldn't have gone astray."

Northland police spokeswoman Sarah Kennett confirmed police were contacted by a member of the public who reported seeing a man picking money off the road. Police were continuing to investigate the mysterious cash dump.

The first incident involved a vehicle police believed was registered to an owner in Mount Maunganui, who frequently visited Northland.

- By Kristin Edge of the Northern Advocate

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