Brown affair: Councillors call for no confidence vote

Len Brown
Len Brown
A vote of no confidence in Auckland Mayor Len Brown will be attempted tomorrow by five of the city's councillors, said one of the group, Dick Quax.

Mr Quax's statement was released to media this afternoon shortly after TVNZ reported the mayor had been chased down the street by about 12 protesters, calling for his resignation.

"It's not okay to root in the mayoral office,'' and "Shame shame shame,'' the group chanted.

As the mayor drove away the protesters ran after his car, TVNZ said.

Tomorrow at 10am a quarter of Auckland Councillors will attempt the motion of no-confidence at the Governing Body meeting at the Auckland Town Hall, Mr Quax said.

The five councillors will propose the motion: That the Governing Body notes that Len Brown lacks the essential leadership credentials of judgement, honesty, integrity, and credibility and as a result councillors have lost confidence in his ability to carry out his duties as Mayor of Auckland.

The five councillors - Mr Quax, Linda Cooper, Cameron Brewer, Sharon Stewart, Denise Krum - have advised other councillors of their intentions and are confident more will come on board over the next 24 hours to support this stronger statement, Mr Quax said.


Nothing wrong with nookie at work

We have all done it, haven't we? Maybe those that haven't are just jealous. I'm with Kris - get over it. 

Why Brown needs to go

Len Brown appears to have a clear conflict of interest involving Sky City.  He accepted many thousands of dollars of hotel accommodation and upgrades from this company, as detailed in the EY report, and supported that company's bid to expand the pokie machines.  It was also proved that he did use Auckland Council resources in his 2-year affair with a young woman who he later provided with written references for a council-controlled job.  Then there is the history of the controversy over his credit card spending while at Manakau.  The leader of NZ's largest city should have respect, but Len Brown has, by a large number of polls in recent days, lost that respect from the citizens of Auckland and a number of his councillors.  That is why he should, as a matter of honour, resign.

All so boring

I can't believe the self-righteous behaviour that's happening in this protest.

The guy didn't use any of Auckland's money, yes he used his status, but let's get real here, everyone in every business uses whatever they can to get a freebie.

It's like a witch hunt or a real good pr/detective campaign to win a mayoral seat with no election.

Who has to gain in all of this? I mean everyone needs to cop on he earns a pittance of a salary compared with a CEO of a financial institution, he is not your servant 24 hours a day.

Move on everyone

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