Brown pressed to reveal payment

Len Brown
Len Brown
Expectations are rising for a settlement by Auckland Mayor Len Brown towards the $100,000-plus cost of a review into his extramarital affair to be made public.

Three of the five councillors negotiating a settlement - Chris Fletcher, George Wood and Dick Quax - believe it is the wish of the group to make the settlement public.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse and Penny Webster, the other two on the negotiating group, are staying quiet.

Mr Brown told the Herald last week that when councillors set up a group last month to enter into binding negotiations, the resolution was the settlement would be confidential.

The mayor, who showed no willingness to pay anything towards the review until the day he was censured by councillors last month, said payment towards a council review would be unique in political history.

But as a consequence of his weakened position, Mr Brown said it was up to the council to set the rules and he would accept them.

"As part of my contrition I am abiding by this process," he said.

Chief executive Stephen Town is expected to present a full summary of the costs when the group meets on Thursday.

- By Bernard Orsman of the New Zealand Herald

What about MP's accepting 'free rooms'? Pt2

GW Scam you ask "Have all the National Party conferences and meetings that just happen to be held at Sky City been charged for or are they all "ex gratia"? "

I would like the question to be  more specific and have added "If paid for what was the difference in cost compared to comparable events in the facility"

I would like this added because a "Yes" answer to you question would be correct even if they only paid a nominal $1 , and the reason i don't ask for the amount is no doubt the answer would cite commercial sensitivty , but in asking only for the difference we can see  if there is a major difference.

What about MP's accepting 'free rooms'?

I have directly asked some Journalists to question John Key and other senior National Gov't MPs whether they have accepted free rooms or free room upgrades from Sky City, but all have refused to ask them.


Is it only important if you are a 'left leaning' Mayor that you get asked about accepting free rooms from an organisation recently granted tens of millions of dollars worth of gambling law exemptions and changes

So Mr Key, Mr English, Mrs Collins, Mr Brown and others, have you accepted free rooms and/or upgrades, or meals from Sky City?  Have all the National Party conferences and meetings that just happen to be held at Sky City been charged for or are they all "ex gratia"? 

I think these questions are hugely important if we are to accept our current Gov't is honest and 'all above board'.

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