Plans unveiled for NZ's tallest skyscraper

The 52-level tower, inset, is due to go up on this CBD site, left vacant since the 1980s.
The 52-level tower, inset, is due to go up on this CBD site, left vacant since the 1980s.

Plans for New Zealand's tallest skyscaper, to rise in the heart of Auckland, have been unveiled today.

A $350 million 52-level 209m skyscraper has been announced for a CBD site left vacant since the 1980s when Chase Corporation demolished the Royal International Hotel.

Chinese developer New Development Group is to build the tower, known now as NDG Auckland Centre, on the site of a carpark and bungy jump bounded by Elliot St, Albert St and Victoria St.

Auckland Council has granted resource consent for the giant which will only be dwarfed by the 328m Sky Tower. A building consent is still pending.

Mayor Len Brown announced details of the tower to the Herald this morning, saying it would be a huge transformation for the city.

"Alongside the Sky Tower, this will be a world class development for Auckland that will create hundreds of new jobs, energise the CBD and boost Auckland's GDP, through a more than $350 million investment by NDG," Brown said.

"It's also an example of the major commercial opportunities created by the City Rail Link project. To date the private sector has confirmed more than a billion dollars of new investments along the proposed route, including Precinct Properties' downtown retail and office development ($300m+) the NZ International Convention Centre ($400m+) and Elliott Towers ($350m+)," he said.

- by Anne Gibson 

So right Speed

You're so right there Speedfreak - way too many rude people and bad drivers in Auckland for my liking. Most times I go there I want to get back on the next plane and head anywhere else. But I do think the hotel would look nice on Dunedin's waterfront. Looks like Auckland knows how to move ahead.

Auckland and the edifice

Perfect place for it. Never been to Auckland and have no intention of ever going there. I would assume its a bit like Sydney, where you visit for a day of three then just want to leave. [Abridged]

Auckland's new building

I hate to think who is going to own this country lock, stock and barrrel in 20 to 30 years.  Well, we got what we deserve, thanks to Helen Clark et al.

Fits with its surroundings

Nice design and fits with its surroundings, now if only the Dunedin one was along the same lines.

Nice design

Wow, who would have thought that a city in New Zealand could actually have a tall hotel development that doesn't look like something from cold war USSR!

Dunedin and Auckland hotels

As the Auckland CBD is already an ugly, soulless blight this development is neither here nor there. Different to Dunedin, of course, which still has a built heritage to be proud of.

New hotel in a city

Wow, who would have thought that a city in New Zealand could welcome a tall hotel development and see it as good for the city? And where were the investors from?

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