Chocolate giants back in court

The war over New Zealand's chocolate market has flared up again, with confectionary giants Cadbury and Whittaker's back in court over the trademarking of a name of a block of chocolate.

The stoush between the two companies stems from an application made by Whittaker's in 2010 to register the name "Berry Forest"as a trademark in New Zealand.

The Intellectual Property Office ruled in favour of Whittaker's last year, a finding Cadbury appealed.

Justice Rachel Dunningham is hearing the appeal case, which began this morning at the High Court in Wellington.

Cadbury believes the name "Berry Forest"is too similar to the name of its "Black Forest"chocolate block. The company registered the name as a trademark in 1992.

The case continues.

- Teuila Fuatai of APNZ

New Zealand's favourite chocolate

Well, it's not Cadbury's anymore, and now look what they will do to try and claw that title back. Regardless of the court ruling, most will still refuse to buy your product unless it is made here.  Last time I viewed the list of most trusted brands, Cadbury's had slipped from No1 to No33. Number 1 was Whittakers, even above St John Ambulance.  Cadbury's will never get that number 1 spot back, so get used to it. [Abridged]

They begin with B - and it gets worse

"Cadbury believes the name "Berry Forest"is too similar to the name of its "Black Forest" chocolate block."  Why stop there?  Peanut Butter is too similar to Peanut and Peppermint. How is the consumer supposed to tell them apart?  As for almonds, this is a scandal: Roast Almond from Cadburys, Almond Gold from Whittakers.  Clearly Whittakers must be sued for every farthing they ever had in their family dating back to the 18th century.

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