Key tests waters on changing national flag

Is it time to change New Zealand's national flag?
Is it time to change New Zealand's national flag?
Prime Minister John Key says he will consider changing the national flag at this year's election if there is a public appetite for it.

Mr Key said this morning he would consult with senior ministers about a new flag, and would not rule out a referendum on the issue as part of the general election.

He believed a change was unlikely but he wanted to test the waters to see if the public wanted a new flag.

If ministers agreed, the Government would choose a flag and ask the public to vote yes or no, Mr Key said.

His personal preference was for a silver fern on a black background, but he said it would be very difficult to get a consensus on a new design.

- By Isaac Davison of the NZ Herald

No need to change the flag

It's just unnecessary. The flag as it stands is quite good. Why is it worth anyone's while to waste time on this area as if there is any need for it? Aren't there better things to see to and discuss? New Zealand doesn't need to change. What is familiar serves us well.

A silver fern on a black background

Is fine if you want a brand for a national flag. Personally I'd like something a bit deeper than a marketing jingle. 


Only when it suits him...

"Mr Key said this morning he.....would not rule out a referendum on the issue..."

So suddenly referendums mean something to Key.

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