Greens release draft list

Green MP Julie Anne Genter and up-and-coming Greens candidate James Shaw are the biggest winners in the party's draft list.

The party released its initial list this morning, which was decided by delegates and candidates at a February conference. Members would now vote on the final list, which would be released in May.

Ms Genter, the party's transport spokeswoman, rose from 13th in the 2011 general election list to 8th in the new list.

She will run for the Epsom seat in this year's election.

Mr Shaw, a business strategist based in Wellington, rose five places to 10th.

He is seen as one of the party's bright prospects and narrowly missed out on election in 2011 when 14 Green candidates were elected.

Metiria Turei and Russel Norman remain favourites to lead the party.

Eugenie Sage, who speaks for the party on conservation and resource management issues, was promoted from 6th place to 4th place.

MPs David Clendon and Steffan Browning fell the most places on the draft list.

Mr Clendon, who is the party's justice and commerce spokesman, fell from 8th to 12th.

Mr Browning, who holds the agriculture and GE portfolios, fell from 10th to 16th and could struggle to be re-elected this year.

New candidate Marama Davidson, a former Human Rights Commission adviser who represented Greens at the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election, entered the list at 15.

Oxfam New Zealand executive director Barry Coates entered the list at 17.

The list has grown from 30 candidates in 2011 to 41 candidates.

The list:

1 Turei, Metiria (same)
2 Norman, Russel (same)
3 Hague, Kevin (same)
4 Sage, Eugenie (up 2)
5 Delahunty, Catherine (down 1)
6 Hughes, Gareth (up 1)
7 Graham, Kennedy (down 2)
8 Genter, Julie Anne (up 5)
9 Logie, Jan (same)
10 Shaw, James (up 5)
11 Walker, Holly (up 1)
12 Clendon, David (down 4)
13 Roche, Denise (down 2)
14 Mathers, Mojo (same)
15 Davidson, Marama (new)
16 Browning, Steffan (down 6)
17 Coates, Barry (new)
18 Hart, John (new)
19 McDonald, Jack (up 11)
20 Leckinger, Richard (down 3)
21 Rotmann, Sea (down 1)
22 Moorhouse, David (new)
23 Elley, Jeannette (down 4)
24 Ruthven, Susanne (new)
25 Perinpanayagam, Umesh (new)
26 Perley, Chris (new)
27 Moore, Teresa (new)
28 Kennedy, David (down 5)
29 Langsbury, Dora (down 7)
30 Barlow, Aaryn (down 12)
31 Lawless, Jennifer (new)
32 Woodley, Tane (down 8)
33 Goldsmith, Rachael (new)
34 Rogers, Daniel (new)
35 Kelcher, John (new)
36 Smithson, Anne-Elise (new)
37 McAll, Malcolm (new)
38 Ferguson, Sam (new)
39 Ford, Chris (new)
40 Hunt, Reuben (new)
41 Wesley, Richard (new)

- By Isaac Davison of the New Zealand Herald 


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