Dotcom admits owning 'Mein Kampf'

Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom
Political hopeful Kim Dotcom has shot himself in the foot on the eve of his Internet Party membership drive launch after admitting he owns a rare signed copy of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf.

In an interview with 3News tonight the German internet entrepreneur said he had bought a signed copy of Hitler's autobiography at an auction four years ago.

"I'm a Call of Duty player right it's all about World War II and how you play and I'm a big fan of that. I've bought memorabilia from Churchill, from Stalin, from Hitler."

Dotcom said the copy he owned was one of the first printed and was "probably" the first copy signed by Hitler.

But Dotcom denied his ownership of the book meant he subscribed to Hitler's Nazi ideology.

"Well let me make it absolutely clear, I'm not buying into the Nazi ideology. I'm totally against what the Nazis did."

"I did buy a cigar-holder of Churchill and I did buy a pen of Stalin."

Dotcom said the items including Mein Kampf were "out there and they're worth a lot of money and I think in another 100 years that book will probably go up in value times 10".

"I don't know if it's an ethical investment but I gotta tell you this, if anyone is trying to take this and use this against me, I think it's clearly wrong because you've got to look at who I am, right. I have all this foreign stuff."

Dotcom's admission comes ahead of the Internet Party's membership drive launch tomorrow and may be a bid head off attacks on him and the party given 3News reported that Dotcom's enemies were also aware he owned the book.

- By Adam Bennett of the New Zealand Herald

Phobias are mad so face up to them

I note Stalin's pen also found its way into Kim Dotcom's collection.  Why do I not detect hand wringing about that? 

To me that pen represents more death than the two safety pins of the Hiroshima atom bomb, or one empty Cyklon-B tin. Josef Stalin, an  Internationale Socialist, signed off on murders on a grand scale.  Of course, HIS murders were not based so much on race but on social class and opinions - but that surely does not make his actions any less evil.

But we know who won WW2, so no-one minds if someone has Stalin's trusty mass murder implement in his collection.

Maybe time to do fewer school projects on the World Wars and on "the Narzis" and instead widen our collective understanding of history.


Dotcom beat-up

I am no great fan of the big man but to suggest his ownership of Hitler's rant Mein Kampf makes him some sort of a Nazi is laughable. Like it or not the signed copy has historical significance and is something many private collectors and museums would be happy to procure.

There's a copy on Trade Me

Next bid is $101.00

Dirty tricks

Now the dirty tricks are out.. and our so-called free media are reporting it without question..

So what, anyone thinking that owning mein kampf is wrong are placing themselves on the same mentality level as the Nazis with their action in book burning in 1933.


Mein kampf

I agree with the previous contributors. I think given the opportunity many of us would like to own something that was connected to a world leader, whether he was famous or infamous. I may be wrong but I believe one of 101st Airborne Easy Company returned to the USA in 1945 with Hitler's photo album. People are pouncing on this news about the book because it is a reminder of Kim Dotcom's wealth, the legality of which is under contention

Journalism standards

I read Mein Kampf as part of my political science degree. Since when are the NZ media our thought police? It was the fascists that burned the books, why are the media here doing it?

The pattern I see is the ongoing assassination of the current government's opponents. Dotcom doesn't need a reason to own a book, but since he's a billionaire he gets to own the most valuable copy of a book that he wants. Patrick Gower set a new low on TV3 last night by trying to draw a long bow with a limp arrow, and the ODT has followed him right into the sewer.

You all need to raise the standard of your reportage.

Not shot

"Dotcom has shot himself in the foot on the eve of his Internet Party membership drive launch after admitting he owns a rare signed copy of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf"- well, that's so shocking I could almost stop yawning. If that's all it takes to politically shoot oneself in the foot we'd better give up the idea of having politicians at all, they're such a menacing lot. Remember Metiria's home being a "castle" according to the 4th Form Girls at St Beehive's? That proves she - and therefore all the Greens - are extreme monarchists, doesn't it?

Kim Dotcom is a German, a German who is interested in a game based on World War 2. People collect stuff connected with their games. People interested in WW2 the real version are interested in Mein Kampf, in trying to understand how Hitler turned Germany from the resentful loser humiliated by the winners of WW1 into a highly focused proud nation. Why did that pride have to take the form it did, persecuting whole classes - Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals - for no reason other than being difference which he called impurity?

People who collect historical and cultural artifacts collect first editions of books, and signed editions. Others collect matchboxes, beer cans, Lalique art nouveau pieces - should those collectors also be too foot-perforated to involve themselves in politics?

I am genuinely shocked at the village-gossipy provincialism in the article about how by possessing a collector's item, Mein Kampf, "Political hopeful Kim Dotcom has shot himself in the foot". And he didn't, the writer gasps with horror, merely say it was so, he "admitted" it, the implication being that this was something he would have concealed if only he could have. Shameful! Not Kim Dotcom - he's averagely innocent unless proven otherwise - but the writer of that penny-dreadful trashy article.

Our pubblic library had Mein Kampf

I can recall borrowing Mein Kampf from the Dunedin Public Library when it was in the old building in 1953 - only 8 years after WW2. So what's the problem? It was the Nazi's who burnt books. Remember? Are New Zealanders about to start?  

Get over it

So what? I own a copy of the Qur'an but that doesn't mean I'm a muslim. I own a copy of "Were the Nazi's environmentalists" but that doesn't make me a Nazi tree hugger. I own a copy of "Farmer's boy" but that doesn't make me a farmer. I even own the Lord of the Rings but I don't own any rings and I'm not a Lord. People own books. Get over it NZ.

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