Oravida donated $30,000 to National

Oravida donated a further $30,000 to the National Party late last year, taking the company's total support in recent years to more than $80,000.

Updated Electoral Commission records show Oravida donated $30,000 to National on December 23.

Three years ago National received donations totaling $56,600 from the company, which has Justice Minister Judith Collins' husband David Wong-Tung on its board.

The records show National also received big donations from Hobsonville resident Xiao Miao Fan who gave a total of $63,500 last year

.The Act Party declared a $25,000 donation from Lani Hagaman, who runs a multimillion-dollar tourism and property business with her husband Earl.

The couple own 17 hotels and have an estimated wealth of $180 million.


- By Adam Bennett of the NZ Herald

Quid pro quo?

So why is it acceptable for any business to contribute money to a political party? Last time I checked companies don't get to vote. They also don't do things just for the goodness of their hearts - I think that if you give someone $80,000 you expect something in return.

Buying politicians may be acceptable in third world banana republics, it's not acceptable in a New Zealand that continually tops the lists of the world's least corrupt societies. I think it's time we banned all donations of any kind from companies to political parties. Companies are not people, they don't get to vote.

At the same time we should limit donations from people to a value that any reasonable citizen could afford, say $100/year. That way everyone can take part in the democratic process on an even footing.

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