Beneficiaries to get $3000 for move to Christchurch

John Key
John Key
Beneficiaries outside of Christchurch will be given a $3000 incentive to take up full-time work in Christchurch, says Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.

Up to 1000 beneficiaries will be given a one-off payment of $3000 each if they have a fulltime job offer in Christchurch and are willing to move there, she announced today.

The rebuild following the Christchurch earthquakes was creating thousands of jobs and there were people ready to take them up, but who did not have the means to get to Christchurch.

"With an unemployment rate in Canterbury of 3.4 per cent, lower than the six per cent nationally, there are plenty of opportunities,'' she said. "There is demand not only in construction, but in hospitality, retail and many other industries too.''

The offer would be open to all ages but the focus would be on young people aged 18 to 24.

To qualify the job must be for over 30 hours a week and be longer for 91 days. The $3000 payment would be non-taxable and exempt from any income and asset test.

Prime Minister John Key spoke about the announcement at a Business New Zealand speech in Wellington today, saying the policy would be known as "$3k to Christchurch."

The Budget on May 15 would allocate $3.5 million for the initiative and it would operate for 12 months from July 1 for up to 1000 beneficiaries.

Mr Key also said the Budget would provide up to $20 million to expand the apprenticeship "reboot" by 6000 places. The reboot means apprentices can get their training costs subsidised.

It allowed eligible apprentices or trainees to access a subsidy of $1000 towards the cost of tools or off-course costs or $2000 for those in priority trades.

Since the reboot was announced over a year ago, 14,000 apprentices had signed up when normal sign-up was about 7000 a year.

Mr Key said the area of greatest growth in the Canterbury region had been in the construction sector which had increased its workforce by 90 per cent.



Working on relief

The unemployed wont move to Christchurch for paid employment and a lump sum? I'm not so sure. Check out the relief schemes of the 'thirties, when husbands and fathers left home to work up country.


A good opportunity for a few with no significant ties, but given the high costs for rents etc. in Christchurch and employment only promised for 90 days, I find it difficult to believe many unemployed with dependents would jump at the 'opportunity'.

I sometimes think this Government is increasingly desperate to cling to power given recent events. 


They be lucky to 'ave box. Some make do wi't hole in ground. We look forward to the Jobs Vacant column in ODT Classifieds.

$3000 and a cardboard box

$3000 won't go far unless the beneficiaries move from an Auckland rent house.  Mind you even with money they'd still have to find a place in Christchurch.  How about throwing in a cardboard box and 91 days permission to live in it, perhaps beside the cardboard cathedral.

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