$500,000 donation for Conservative Party

Colin Craig
Colin Craig
Colin Craig's Conservative Party has received a hefty new donation - $500,000 from Hamilton couple Laurence and Katrina Day.

The donation made yesterday and disclosed this morning on the Electoral Commission website is on top of the $75,000 received from the couple in March and $100,000 in May last year taking their total payments to the party to $675,000.

Mr Craig poured a further $50,000 of his own money into his campaign war chest last week, the site shows.

Not including the $1.6 million Mr Craig gave his party in May 2012 as the repayment of a loan to fight the 2011 election, he has now donated a total of $890,000 to fight this year's election.

Other big recent political donations disclosed on the Electoral Commission site include $110,000 donated to the Maori Party by Rorohara Farms Ltd, a company owned by Mainfreight chairman Bruce Plested who also donated to former party Co-leader Pita Sharples' 2011 campaign in Tamaki Makaurau.

- By Adam Bennett of the New Zealand Herald

Money where the mouth is

They are merely putting their money where there mouth is @blackbird. Neither of us agree with much of what Colin Craig says but this Hamilton couple do and are exercising a right, as do many people including unionists, hungry National, Labour or Maori Party supporters. [Abridged]

Can I have $500,000 too?

It seems this couple are in the habit of throwing money at somebody who doesn't need or deserve it and doesn't plan to do anything worthwhile with it. Well, I don't need it or deserve it or have any worthwhile plans for half a million either, so can I have half a mill from this couple too?

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