Poll shows huge lead for National

John Key
John Key
A new political poll shows support for National has dropped slightly, but the party still has a massive 30 point lead over Labour.

The latest stuff.co.nz/Ipsos political poll shows support for National is down 1.7 percentage points from the previous poll, but still strong at 54.8 per cent.

While Labour has increased its support by 1.7 percentage points, at 24.9 per cent, the party is still well behind National.

The poll also showed John Key remains the preferred Prime Minister with 53.7 per cent of voter support - leagues ahead of David Cunliffe at 12.8 per cent.

The Greens has achieved a 0.5 percentage point lift in the poll, now sitting on 12.4 per cent and support for NZ First had dropped by 0.6, now sitting at 2.6 per cent.

Colin Craig's Conservative party held 1.3 per cent of voter's support.

Meanwhile, 15.3 per cent of voters were still undecided about who they would vote for.


Well said

Well said sparrowhawk, but I fear it will stay much the same for another few years yet. the Nats and the DCC are both making it harder and harder to keep my doors open and my staff employed, to the point where I have been thinking of moving my business back home to the coast. Councils on the coast that I have been talking too have been very encouraging and are offering some good ideas. They seem to know what it takes and are very keen to help me make the move to relocate west and offer good rates etc to keep my doors open and my business running. If and when I take this step (which seems very likely) I will offer to help relocate my current staff, as I value their input into my business.

Eyes wide shut

We already rue the day this current government got in. We have already been consumed to the point where there is little of anything that matters left; our assets, our social conscience, our autonomy, our health, our education, our people, our kids. Not much left to lose. The other parties can only improve the situation because Key cronyism has left us morally bankrupt and financially improverished. Believe it or not, many of us don't come in the top 10% of earners that Key is all about. We are the backs that they crawl up on and we are worn out. Time for a bit of wealth redistribution and some healing.

MMP to the rescue

That's right! We must all join together and pull our weight to bring down the evil Key government.  Together Mana, Internet, Greens, Labour, NZ First, Alliance and Social Credit will get 59.7% of the vote and beat National's 54.8%!

Come to think of it, there are enough parties and letters above to form the acronym  M.cG.i.l.l.i.c.u.d.d.y S.e.r.i.o.u.s.

When we rise to power we will buy back the assets with the money that we simulataneously use to purchase all the things that we have agreed not to purchase as part of our collective, well aligned cost saving-spending, anti-mining, coal development strategies in our collective post-pre election promises. NZ is going to be awesome!

THe days of John Key and all his evil corporate buddies sitting up in their corporation offices acting all corporation like are numbered !!


I most definitely believe that if Labour-Greens get in with or without Mana/Internet or in some combination with Winnie we will all rue the day. We are seriously at risk as a people if they manage to succeed by the skin of their teeth. They have teeth alright but they will be used to consume us all economically, politically, socially and morally.


Not if you look at it from an MMP perspective. It takes such a long time for people to update their thinking, it seems. We only need 15% each from IMP and Greens, NZFirst and Greens, or all of the above and Key is history. Cometh the day!

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