Air traffic controllers lose hair for Child Cancer campaign

Having their heads shaved next to planes arriving and departing is an experience Queenstown air traffic controllers Ben Macmillan and Andrew Turner can now tick off.

The two represented the Queenstown air traffic control tower's contribution to Child Cancer and in supporting Dunedin controller Kate Lindsey, who has alopecia totalis, which results in total hair loss.

Mr. Lindsey also had her long hair shaved off on Saturday, in Dunedin, along with six Dunedin colleagues, who either had their heads shaved or legs waxed.

Six colleagues also shaved in Christchurch and two in Gisborne.

Airport staff watched as Mr Macmillan and Mr Turner were shaved by Whitney Findlay, of Milford Sound Scenic Flights.

Come early January, 23 Airways staff, Mr. Lindsey's husband and a friend in Christchurch will have either shaved their heads or waxed their legs as part of the campaign.

So far, $4000 has been raised and money from donation buckets is yet to be counted.

Donations can be made up until January 13 via