Patience urged over Queenstown traffic delays

Queenstown Police are urging motorists travelling to Queenstown from Kingston via State Highway 6 to be patient, as holiday traffic causes delays.

A spokeswoman said lengthy delays were being experienced by motorists on the southern side of the one-lane Kawarau Bridge - the only entry point to the resort for traffic heading from the south.

The bridge was controlled with traffic lights, but traffic was backed up for some distance, the spokeswoman said.

"There is a lot of traffic coming up from down south, we'd just urge people to be patient and keep their cool.

"It's just that time of year."

So far no traffic accidents had been reported, and motorists were being reminded they would eventually get to their destination, it would just take longer than normal.

Kawarau bridge

Sorry police but when there are 5 cars going south and 500 in a queue going into Frankton there are much more proactive ways to address a major issue.

Turn the lights off. Put labourers on traffic control.

Auckland's getting a railway costing $1000 per millimetre - we could have a new bridge for just a small fraction of that budget.