Fewer visit from China

Visitor arrivals from China dropped by 12% in October 2013, compared with October last year, Statistics New Zealand announced.

The decrease coincides with the introduction of a new tourism law in China which has increased the price of many overseas tours.

''Although there was an overall drop in the number of Chinese visitors from the same month of the previous year, there were more Chinese travellers staying longer, more under 35 years of age and more visiting friends and relatives in New Zealand,'' population statistics project manager Joel Watkins said.

Total visitors numbered 195,000 in October this year, up 6% from October last year.

In the October 2013 year, visitor arrivals rose 5% from the previous year, to reach 2.681 million.

More visitors came from Australia (up 48,000), China (up 43,100) and the United States (up 13,100).

New Zealand residents departed on 193,800 overseas trips in October 2013, up 2% from October 2012.

Over the year, New Zealand residents took 2.191 million trips, up 1% from the previous year.

Trips to Australia, the most common destination, exceeded one million for the first time.

Other popular destinations were the United States (139,700), Fiji (109,000) and the United Kingdom (96,100).