Seasonal fare

Photo by James Beech.
Photo by James Beech.
Eat Humble Pie co-owner Mike Burke and regular customer Cheryl Ladds prepare to tuck into this year's first batch of Christmas dinner pies, fresh from his bakery, on Sunday.

The meal in a pie consists of a light golden pastry filled with roast turkey, roast vegetables, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Mr Burke, who sells from a kiosk in Camp St, said the 2013 version was bigger and better than ever after his invention sold like hot cakes last Christmas.

Mr Burke said he was inspired to a Yuletide version of New Zealand's unofficial national dish to cater for Queenstown's many tradespeople, hospitality and tourism staff members, who are working hard during the peak summer season but who still want to enjoy a piece of Christmas tradition ''on the go''.