Irked drivers could see the lights

Traffic is often reduced to a crawl during peak times  on  Kawarau Rd at Frankton. Photo by James Beech.
Traffic is often reduced to a crawl during peak times on Kawarau Rd at Frankton. Photo by James Beech.

Traffic lights have not been ruled out by the New Zealand Transport Agency as a way to ease growing congestion on Kawarau Rd.

The critical arterial road between Kawarau Falls bridge and the BP service station roundabout has been slowing vehicles to a crawl this summer.

Congestion is acute in the 50kmh zone from the Lucas Pl roundabout, which leads to Queenstown Airport and Remarkables Park Town Centre, to the BP roundabout.

Each day, about 16,700 vehicles travel between the two intersections.

Otago-Southland highway manager Ian Duncan said the transport agency was aware of the ''considerable traffic growth'' in the area.

''We believe it's being driven by a combination of tourism growth plus increased construction activity in the Frankton Flats area over the past 12 months.''

''We are about to start gathering traffic and other data to build a better understanding of the current traffic flow situation and issues,'' Mr Duncan said.

''Over the next few months we will use this information to develop options to help ease delays motorist are currently experiencing, especially at peak morning and afternoon travel times.

''Traffic signals at the BP roundabout intersection could well be in the option mix.''


Get the bridge sorted!!!

Stop wasting money on studies and traffic lights! The bridge is a total bottle neck. Sort it out! I simply cannot understand that consent was given to construct 3 or 4 hotels at the K Falls site...and yet the bridge has STILL not been improved to cope with the increased traffic out that way! 

lump it

You seem to be assuming their is mentality in the NZTA. I have not found this to be the case. Our overlords go with the plan made 30 years ago from my experience.

BP roundabout traffic lights

Its the traffic lights on the Kawarau Falls bridge that have caused the congestion on Kawarau Rd and BP roundabout in the first place.

As soon as the new 2 lane bridge is built the congestion will vanish. Any money being used for useless traffic lights at BP roundabout would be better used to speed up the bridge build.

There is a driving mentality in  the Transport Agency that the whole of Queenstown needs traffic lights.

We need traffic lights like a hole in the head.