Arrowtown rugby coach knits together winning team

Unsuspecting visitors were treated to an action-packed fun-filled race down Arrowtown's main street on Sunday morning, as nine teams of four battled for top honours in the annual Pub to Pub Challenge, part of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival.

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Teams gathered at Jonesy's Cafe & Bar for a briefing and tactical discussions.

The heats comprised five stations, with the first proving problematic for most teams.

After drinking a beer through a straw, one person had to eat two dry Weet-Bix, before blowing up a balloon and tying it off.

That person tagged in a team-mate, who had to put on make-up without a mirror before tagging the third team member, who had to eat a piece of custard square without using their hands.

From there, all teams raced in a five-legged balloon race to the finish line, where another beer was consumed. The first team to have everyone finished went through to the final.

Despite calls of cheating against the Arrowtown Rugby and Zebra teams - who completed a three-legged balloon race, rather than five - Arrowtown Rugby made the final, joined by the Arrowtown Bakery and Fork'n Tap teams.

The final began with the Weet-Bix challenge. A knitting challenge required one person to knit 20 stitches, which proved difficult for all.

Arrowtown Rugby coach Hayden Finch was first off the mark with the knitting, setting his team up for an easy victory.

Player Cam Beale sat on Nick Lynch's knee and was fed spaghetti from behind, before Beale was turned into a clingfilm mummy and carried across the finish line.

The best dressed team was the ''Flighties'' - Justine Eardley, Jill Mason, Heather Turnbull and Karla Weston, while best team spirit went to ''Nap Time at the Finish Line'' - John Gibson, Sam Collins, Bonnie Rogers and Whitney Wanous.