Ad to reprise Goodbye Pork Pie's Hawea chase

Hawea Flat graphic artist and mother of two Kim Coll finds out today if she will play a part in a car advertisement based on the New Zealand movie Goodbye Pork Pie.

Mrs Coll (31) was not born when the film was released in 1981.

But she told the Otago Daily Times yesterday her husband, Nicholas (34), was a fan and never failed to mention when they drove past Lake Hawea that they were on the road where the movie chase scene was shot.

Next Wednesday, a new Mini Hatchback will be used on the same stretch of road to recreate the chase.

The advertisement will be directed by Matt Murphy, the son of Geoff Murphy who made the original film.

Mrs Coll applied to be in the passenger seat during the chase scene and was one of the five finalists.

She had to complete a series of challenges. One was to deliver a line by one of the leads in the original movie, the middle-aged character called John.

If successful, she can use a new Mini for a month, although BMW Group New Zealand managing director Nina Englert pointed out in a press release the winner would have to ''return the car whole and not to sell off the panels and parts, as the Blondini Gang did in the original film''.

Mrs Coll moved to Hawea Flat from Auckland three years ago. In 2009, she was one of 24 cheerleaders who squeezed into a Mini to claim a Guinness world record which has since been overtaken by 25 South Africans.




To recreate the scene, you need a police car and a yellow mini to race parallel on the Lake Road. The cop should look like Marshall Napier, and lose control, sliding down a bank. For heaven's sake, be careful, Blondini Gang.