On the beat

CCTV camera damaged and other incidents

A closed circuit television camera belonging to the Queenstown police was allegedly damaged by three men on Saturday evening. The men allegedly damaged a nearby car and realised the CCTV camera would have footage of the act. They approached the camera in Camp St and allegedly shook the pole to damage it. Police are investigating the footage.

Breaching bail conditions leads to arrest

A 32-year-old Queenstown man was arrested on Tuesday night and charged with breaching his bail conditions. He is expected to appear in the Alexandra District Court.

Drunken revelry leads to arrests and inquiries

A 23-year-old Queenstown man and a 22-year-old Australian man were arrested and charged with fighting in a public place after an alleged fight outside Fergburger on Saturday at 1.35am. Both men were intoxicated. The Australian was also charged with resisting arrest.

Woman charged with disorderly behaviour

• At 1.20am on Wednesday, a 25-year-old woman allegedly threw herself at a police patrol car on Brecon St and began abusing officers after police saw her leaving a bar. She was charged with disorderly behaviour.

Lost wallet and disorderly behaviour

An Auckland man who said his wallet had been stolen was arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour at 12.20am yesterday. Constable Shona Campbell said the man was repeatedly asked to leave a central bar and became aggressive towards police.

Busy week for Queenstown police

Busy week for Queenstown police

• A 30-year-old Uruguayan national working as a chef in Queenstown was ejected from a resort bar, but allowed in later by different door staff about 12.30am on Wednesday. The man was asked to leave when recognised, but refused and allegedly tried to start a fight.

He was arrested and charged, Senior Constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said.

'Grossly intoxicated' man falls asleep in stranger's house

A 20-year-old "grossly intoxicated" Australian man wandered into a house on Gorge Rd on Monday and fell asleep on the couch.

Man caught breaching bail

• A 29-year-old Australian man was arrested and charged with breaching bail when he was allegedly caught drinking alcohol at a central Queenstown backpackers.

Several ice related crashes

At 12.30pm on Dalefield Rd, a 31-year-old Queenstown driver lost control of a vehicle because of ice.

Search warrants turn up laptop and bike

Two search warrants were executed in Queenstown and Christchurch at 8.30pm on Sunday, resulting in the discovery of a laptop and a mountain bike.

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