Dunedin Hospital

Smoking policy 'not tenable'

Allowing mental health patients to smoke on hospital grounds suggests to them they are second-class citizens whose health does not matter, a staff proposal to a Southern District Health Board committee says.

Hospital sorry for failings

Dunedin Hospital has apologised to the Otago Association for Deaf Children for ignoring its concerns about audiology failings.

Cannabis laws not helping - health workers

The legal status of cannabis puts a ''massive block'' between client and clinician, Pact mental health clinical leader Matthew Peppercorn told a cannabis public forum at Dunedin Hospital.

Hospital lifts restriction

Visiting restrictions at a Dunedin Hospital ward have been lifted after an outbreak of illness was confirmed not to be norovirus.

Big drop in wait times for scans

Dunedin Hospital scanners are working overtime to reduce waiting times, which should be within the targeted 12 weeks by the end of this month.

New mothers spending less time in hospital

The Southern District Health Board is playing down figures showing new mothers are on average spending less time in Dunedin Hospital despite funding to allow longer stays.

Hospital ED to target 'hazardous drinkers'

Patients at Dunedin Hospital emergency department are being asked how much they drink, and referred for help if necessary.

Deepbrain stimulation discussed

A ''thought-provoking'' talk on therapeutic stimulation of the brain has highlighted the wider benefits of strengthening academic neurosurgery in Dunedin, Prof John McMillan says.

Delay with HDC report disappoints

An investigation into whether a group of Dunedin Hospital mental health patients was unwittingly involved in an experiment casts a shadow over those awaiting the outcome, an advocate says.

Hospital catheter procedure faulted

Hospital safety markers released last week reveal Dunedin did not meet a key measure designed to reduce bloodstream infections.

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