Kaikorai Valley College

Timeless time capsule message

About 250 years ago, careful hands shovelled dirt over the rusty, metal capsule.

At heart, it's our soul that really counts

It's not what we look like. It's who we are inside that matters.

The Smell of Daisies at Equinox

In the morning of the equinox, when the sun rose and bathed the horror of what had happened in perfect pink light, I ran.

New challenge for long-serving teacher

New challenge for long-serving teacher

It has been more than three decades since Kaikorai Valley College deputy principal Garry Chronican was at university.

Kaikorai Valley College junior prizes

Kaikorai Valley College held its junior prizegiving this week.

Class takes an unusual Turnblad

Class takes an unusual Turnblad

Kaikorai Valley College teacher Greg MacLeod is surrounded by pupils after arriving for class yesterday dressed as Edna Turnblad, his character in the upcoming Musical Theatre Dunedin production Hairspray.

Stuff of dreams proves elusive

''Garry O'Grumboots was a crotchety old man. On Tuesdays he loved nothing more than to chew the furniture, swear at his cat and ... ''

History class is all about going back in time

The teacher slammed her fists on the desk.

Alone in the darkness - with footsteps

I'm getting too far from the base.

Former police boss keen to track down KVC alumni

Former police commissioner Howard Broad is again rallying the troops - this time, former Kaikorai Valley College pupils to establish the school's alumni association.

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