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Chinese exhibition fulfils lenders' 60-year dream

Chinese exhibition fulfils lenders' 60-year dream

A "Silk to Silver'' show, which opens in Dunedin tomorrow, is the first exhibition devoted to China's minority cultures that the Shanghai Museum has staged overseas.

Visiting researchers valued

Recent visits by overseas researchers to the Otago Museum are proving beneficial for other museum visitors, as well as for the museum, the Otago Museum Trust Board heard this week.

Hillary collection highlighted

The Otago Museum has been highlighting its ''significant collection'' of artefacts involving Sir Edmund Hillary, to coincide with his climbing Mount Everest 60 years ago.

Green efforts on a roll

The Otago Museum's focus on sustainability and being ''environmentally friendly'' now includes even the toilet paper used at the museum.

New lights for Chinese exhibits

Otago Museum staff have been installing more efficient electric lamps in the museum's special exhibitions gallery as preparations continue to stage a new exhibition from China.

Museum alliance

The Otago Museum has developed a ''very positive relationship'' with the Otago Polytechnic School of Veterinary Nursing, which will result in more veterinary support for animals in the museum's Tropical Forest.

Donation follows hosting of 'Canterbury Quakes' show

Shortly after hosting a successful ''Canterbury Quakes'' touring exhibition, the Otago Museum is donating $10,000 to help with the restoration and storage of earthquake-damaged heritage artefacts in Canterbury.

Shanghai exhibition soon

After a year of planning, another big cultural exhibition from Dunedin's Chinese sister city, Shanghai, will open at the Otago Museum early next month.

Interactive exhibit being planned

Otago Museum staff will use interactive screens as part of the first exhibition planned for the former Dunedin North post office, which is being redeveloped as a museum annexe.

Museums critical element of vibrant cities, director says

Museums critical element of vibrant cities, director says

Museums are not just ''nice to have'' but are a critical part of modern, vibrant cities, Otago Museum's new director Dr Ian Griffin believes.

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