Otago Museum

Otago Museum rates well

Otago Museum rates well

Recommendations from others are playing a significant part in encouraging people to visit the Otago Museum, a recent survey indicates.

Wearable art show close to meeting costs

More than 10,000 people attended the recent "Off the Wall: World of Wearable Art Up Close" show at the Otago Museum, and entry charges came close to meeting costs, organisers said.

Canterbury's agony in exhibition

Canterbury's agony in exhibition

A major touring show focusing on the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake will help convey the impact and the science behind one of New Zealand's biggest natural disasters, Otago Museum officials say.

Lessons to learn from Thai museum

Otago Museum marketing and development co-ordinator Juliet Pierce is expecting to gain further insights into museum-based science education for young people through a staff exchange trip to the National Science Museum of Thailand in Bangkok.

Conservatory for museum

The Otago Museum plans to build a small conservatory early next year to help overcome draughty conditions near the museum foyer.

Museum officer on trip to China

Museum officer on trip to China

An Otago Museum staff member is heading to China to explore new horizons for Dunedin.

Museum myth-busting

Museum myth-busting

Issy Livingstone (9), of Temuka, points at the two red belly piranhas in a glass tank at Otago Museum yesterday.

Hunt on for new head of museum

Hunt on  for new head of museum

Otago Museum Trust Board chairman Graham Crombie expects a "good range of quality candidates" will seek the museum's top job.

Animal Attic upgrade appreciated

The public has responded "very positively" to the recent redevelopment of the Otago Museum's much-loved Animal Attic, museum organisers say.

Wearable arts show may break even

Earlier fears that a World of Wearable Art exhibition at the Otago Museum could incur a sizeable loss have been allayed, thanks to a positive public response.

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