Backs turned, patient fell off table

A Southern District Health Board patient who fell from an operating table after a hip operation did not require further surgery, information released on the 2012-13 incident shows.

Easier reporting

Southern District Health Board staff reporting concerns about patient safety should find it easier once a new electronic risk management system is introduced this month.

Health board to fill in reporting gap

Health board to fill in reporting gap

The public will soon be better informed when things go seriously wrong at the South's hospitals, Elspeth McLean writes.

Reprieve on hospital kitchens

Reprieve on hospital kitchens

Unions have succeeded in securing a one-month delay in the decision on whether to outsource southern hospital kitchens.

SDHB patient details mistakenly emailed

Southern District Health Board staff have been reminded to take more care after the details of 60 surgical patients were mistakenly emailed to someone.

'Quit smoking' query

A big drop in the number of southern patients asked about smoking by their GP is being investigated, WellSouth Primary Health Network says.

Scene set for tough health-contract negotiations

The financially troubled Southern District Health Board is putting the squeeze on contracted providers to reduce costs.

SDHB's move 'unhelpful'

SDHB's move 'unhelpful'

The Southern District Health Board should have been more upfront with the public about the cost of privatising the hospital kitchens, board member Richard Thomson says.

Kitchen change will have cost

Privatising southern hospital kitchens will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars before any ''savings'' can be realised, a new document reveals.

Dunedin Public Hospital 'downgrade'

The unfortunate truth is that the gap between the level of care provided at Dunedin Hospital and the best medical care available will continue to increase. 

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