Job advertising rises in June

The lift in job advertising could mean unemployment falling to about 5.5% by the end of the year, ANZ economist Steve Edwards said yesterday.

Fruitless job hunt 'really tough'

Fruitless job hunt 'really tough' In the past eight months Dunedin teenager Danielle Newton has applied for more than 50 jobs but has not even had a trial.

Long-term joblessness grows in South

The number of people facing more than six months without a job in the South has more than doubled since 2009.

Otago has one of lowest unemployment rates

Otago has one of lowest unemployment rates

Otago has one of the country's lowest unemployment rates with the South Island well ahead of the north when it comes to lowering the number of people unemployed.

Unemployment rate down at 6.2%

Employment data released yesterday, showing growth in employment and a slight decline in unemployment, is a reflection of New Zealand's strengthening economy, economists say.

Indicators predict unemployment to sit about 7%

New Zealand's unemployment rate was likely to keep ''bouncing around'' 7% for the next six months, ANZ senior economist Sharon Zollner said yesterday.

Time for collaboration, not cliches

Unemployment results released this week were greeted with justifications and cliches from the Government, explanations and predictions from economists, and expected criticisms and calls for action from Opposition parties and unions.

'Horrible' unemployment could bring dollar relief

The "horrible" September unemployment numbers should mean the forecast top levels of the United States-New Zealand dollar cross are not tested, BNZ currency strategist Mike Jones says.

Shearer slams Govt's 'shrug' over jobless

September's high unemployment figures continued to haunt the Government yesterday, with Labour Party leader David Shearer accusing the Government of trying to shrug off the bad news.

Govt blames global economy for jobless woes

Govt blames global economy for jobless woes

The Government had nowhere to hide yesterday when the unemployment figures were released and they proved to be the highest since March 1999, when Dame Jenny Shipley was prime minister.

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