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Raising from seed

Raising from seed

Vegetables Raising plants from seed is cost-effective and gives greater choices than buying plants from garden centres.

Planting is usually done at twice the depth of the seed, but during dry weather it should be a little deeper.

Rich soil allows easy growth

Rich soil allows easy growth

Vegetables Given rich soil, zucchini, marrows and pumpkin are easily grown in the home garden, although in cooler districts pumpkins need a hot, dry summer to do well.

Bush marrows, such as Cocozelle di Napoli, require less room than the trailing types but zucchini are more popular than marrows, so seed of the latter can be difficult to obtain.

October a month to mark in garden calendar

Vegetables October is an important month in the garden calendar, as seeds sown this month pop up quickly and there are usually few checks to growth during the early summer months.

The ideal time to sow seeds is as soon as the soil is fit to work after rain, but in dry weather water the ground well the day before sowing.

Better to delay tender vegetables

Vegetables In warmer districts, where no more frosts are expected, runner and butter beans can be sown.

Take advantage of fine spring days

Take advantage of fine spring days

Vegetables Take advantage of fine spring days to sow vegetables.

Seeds may be sown, weather permitting

Vegetables Many types of vegetables can be sown this month, weather permitting.

As the soil warms up and work can begin

As the soil warms up and work can begin

Vegetables Now that the soil is warming up, as seen in the growth of weeds, work can begin on sowing for the coming season.

Green manure crops make rapid growth

Vegetables Green manure crops can continue to be dug in and the ground prepared for seed sowing by breaking down the surface with a fork and raking it level.

Patience pays off

Vegetables Gardeners can be seduced by mild weather at this time of year, as the temptation is to sow seeds in open ground, even though the soil is cold and wet.

Early vegetables

VegetablesPotatoes for harvesting in December can be planted this month if the soil can be worked easily.

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