Images of bloodied babies harden resolve to fight

An Israeli baby is held by a security officer in Kiryat Malachiafter being wounded by a rocket, fired from Gaza. Photo by Reuters.
An Israeli baby is held by a security officer in Kiryat Malachiafter being wounded by a rocket, fired from Gaza. Photo by Reuters.
The rapidly escalating conflict between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has been defined by images of its most helpless victims.

In Israel, a bloodied infant in a pink jumpsuit was gingerly rescued from the rubble of an apartment building where three other residents were killed by a rocket fired from Gaza. The three killed in Kiryat Malachi were the first on the Israel side.

About the same time, bereaved young parents in Gaza City buried their 11-month-old boy, who had just learned to say "Mama". The boy, Omar Misharawi, was killed on Thursday in an Israeli attack. The explosion tore through the family's home, killing him and his pregnant aunt as the family dived for cover.

"He was just a few steps behind," said his stunned mother, Ahlam Misharawi (24).

The conflict appeared to be turning into what neither Israel nor Hamas wanted: a major confrontation.

The death toll rose and Gaza militants for the first time aimed rockets at Tel Aviv. Last night the Palestinian toll stood at 21 and the Israeli at three.

As the United Nations, United States and Egypt scrambled to negotiate a ceasefire, Israel said it was dispatching troops to the Gaza border for a possible ground invasion.

Hamas continued to shower southern Israel with rockets, but it was the stories and widely circulated images of bloodied babies that seemed to grip the public on both sides, strengthening their resolve to continue the confrontation.

The widening level of violence appeared to put Israel forces and Hamas' military wing on the path to another bitter confrontation.

Hamas leaders said they had no intention of backing down.

"Israel started this war, but they won't decide when it ends," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said.

"We are in a real war and it will reshape the Palestinian-Israel conflict."

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You want to talk about History? Let's talk about the annexation of East Jerusalem. Let's talk about UN Resolution 181 and how, regardless of whether or not the Palestinians accepted it, the Israelites are currently in violation of it.

Let's talk about the fact that in 1923 Churchill declared that "the terms of the [Balfour] Declaration referred to do not contemplate that Palestine as a whole should be converted into a Jewish National Home, but that such a Home should be founded 'in Palestine'." Let's talk about the fact that at the time UNGA 181 was passed, the population of Palestine was 65% non-Jewish and 35% Jewish - one of the reasons the plan was rejected.

Let's talk about the fact that in spite of that, Azzam Pasha said in May 1948: "We are fighting for an Arab Palestine. Whatever the outcome the Arabs will stick to their offer of equal citizenship for Jews in Arab Palestine and let them be as Jewish as they like. In areas where they predominate they will have complete autonomy."

Let's talk about the fact that Truman stated that he found the political threats made by extreme Zionist leaders disturbing and annoying. While we're at it, let's talk about the death threats made against the sister of the prime-minister of of India at the time, the threats of aid cuts to Liberia by the US unless the voted in favour, and the fact that the Philippines were opposed to it until their representative was recalled (after a phone call from Washington) and their vote changed.

Finally, let's talk about the fact that in 1988 the PLO put forward the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, relying on UNGA 181 and the International Court of Justice held that Palestinians had the right to self determination, as originally intended by UNGA 181. [Abridged]

If I were in their shoes

If I were in their shoes I would have left the country by now or taken up arms against these Hamas people who are hell bent on destroying Israel.
Slapheid : Its the fact that Hamas is in Palestine that has created the sanctions, and therefore the fate of the Palestinian people is in their own hands. If they allow them to stay they will have to endure the fallout of Israel trying to take them out. If your in a war zone, you fight or you leave. Simple as that.



Since 1948 when the UN declared a 2 state solution/compromise, and the Palestinians (who were not a nation) were subjected to neighbouring countries invading the state in order to destroy the Jewish population. It was only recently they accepted the 1967 borders as being a basis for a Palestinian state.
Hamas and other terrorist groups don't agree to this and also don't agree to a Jewish state at all. So who is the agressor, occupier here?

Not an eye for an eye

Dunedinight. This is not an "eye for an eye" situation. Israel is a massive, illegal, occupying force in Palestine.  The Gaza strip is blockaded and I can only image it is a horror to live in.

If you were in their shoes

@Speedfreak: Perhaps you might have some empathy if someone illegally occupied your country, bulldozed your home, turned off your water, blocked you from travelling to and from work, took sniper shots at you and your kids etc. Don't be fooled by America's diplomatic stance on this either; their neutrality is a mirage. The US back Israel 100% both militarily and politically.


Clearly Palestinians should just get over it.  Clearly they should accept the everyday violence directed against them.  Clearly they should accept their nation not being recognized by the UN.  Clearly they should accept being evicted from their own homes as Israel spreads into the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  Clearly they should accept Israel cutting their basic amenities (water, power, sewerage) and blockading their borders.
Clearly the Palestinians are being completely unreasonable in expecting to be treated as a soverign nation in what was supposed to be a "Two State" solution.

I have no sympathy for the people of Palestine

They allow these Hamas fanatics into their country then allow them to fire rockets at their neighbor. They will then complain when rockets come back and kill innocents. If they wish to live in peace, they need to round up these fanatics and hand them over or face the consequences.

This war of attrition

Again this area flares up in an eye for an eye excuse for one side to show the world that they are relevant and for the other to show off their new war toys in order to attract more buyers after the call for a cease fire is accepted by both. Of course there will be more fatalities and destruction on the Palestinian side as there housing units ,especially those on the outer fringes of the area, are simple.

Of course after so many billions of euros and dollars have been poured into that area, no one has thought of providing air raid shelters, the missiles being launched towards Israel are set amongst housing units and schools and hospitals, so for the present the fatalities are low until the ground forces enter. Then we shall see the numbers for both sides climb, until internal pressure generally from the Israeli side, starts to have an effect and a cease fire is settled on.

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