Deaf twins helped to die after losing sight

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Identical Belgian twin brothers, born deaf, becoming blind and unable to bear not being able to see and hear each other, had their wish to die granted in a case testing the boundaries of legal euthanasia.

Doctors gave the 45-year-old twins lethal injections after they had had a cup of coffee together and said goodbye to each other, a spokesman at the UZ Brussel hospital said.

"It's not simply that they were deaf and blind that they were granted the right to euthanasia. It is that they could no longer bear being unable to hear or see the other," he said.

Belgium is one of few countries where euthanasia is legal.

A patient must be an adult, capable of making a judgment, and the wish to die must be voluntary, overwhelming and repeated. The patient must also be suffering persistent and unbearable mental or physical pain beyond medical help.

In addition, the condition must be serious and incurable, and have been brought on by illness or injury.

"Unbearable suffering can be mental as well as physical," the hospital spokesman said. "The brothers were inseparable. They lived together and had the same job."

He said the brothers died on December 14 and that their family supported their wishes.

Belgium legalised euthanasia in 2002 and the number of cases has risen every year since. In 2011, 1,133 were granted the right to die, of which 86 percent were at least 60 years old and 72 percent suffering from cancer.

The Netherlands and Luxembourg have both decriminalised euthanasia. Switzerland allows assisted suicide if the person concerned takes an active role.


Merciful death

My heart goes out to the deaf twins who could not bear to live without being able to see each other when blindness took away what made life worth living for them. And I applaud the humane courage of the Belgian system that respected their sincere lifelong opinion of what made their lives worth living.

In too many jurisdictions the "ethical" side holds all the power of defining what quality of life means for other, suffering, people and this leaves people to suffer but allows people who have not walked a metre let alone a mile in their shoes, feeling smug about their recommendations of pain relief, counsellors and so forth, which would have been a whole lot of no-use-at-all to those twins, just the same as many other people who end their lives in misery thanks to the lofty so-called principles of comfortable other folk.

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